Seek Further Inward and Outward?!

Hiking Twin Peaks: An Experimental!? Guide: Motifs and Themes

Motifs [M]

Birds = Included with Animals.
(Windy) Trees [Douglas Firs and Pines [Evergreens]] = [WTM]
Chessboard = [CBM]
Flowers = [FLM]
(Power) Tools and Hands = [PTHM]
Idiom = [IM]
Animal = [AM]
Dramatic Irony = [DI]
Native American = [NAM]
Spiral = [SM]
Reflection shot = [RM]
Food = [FM]
Zoom Shot= [ZM]
Fire = [FRM]
Picture is Portal Shot = [PPM]
Shakespeare = [SHM]


Themes [T]

Hiking Quest as Separation, Initiation(s), and Return of Joseph Campbell = [HQT]
Dual Mountain for duality, Jungian shadow side, harmony of opposites as Tao = [DMT]
Game [Rules, Gains, Gambles, Strategies [RGGS].] = [GT]
Fire = [FRT]
Learning = [LT]
Art = [AT]
Metanarrative = [MNT]
*Principles = [Principle]
*Weird Real(m) Quest(ions) = [WRQ]

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