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Hiking Twin Peaks: An Experimental!? Guide The Appendix: Twin Peaks’ Principles Season 1

Hiking Twin Peaks: An Experimental!? Guide Weird Real(m) Quest(ion)s Introduction & Season 1

Hiking Twin Peaks: An Experimental!? Guide The Appendix

Twin Peaks’ Principles Season 1


Context is important and it is not important. If wisdom [Truth + Goodness] works universally, then details lessen in value as the core light steers steadily. Thus, if you review the Twin Peaks’ Principles and consider some of the characters they originate from, you may be inclined to dismiss them based upon a character’s immoralities and abnormalities. I recommend that you do not do this, which is why I have not included the source of many lines. I muse that the minds behind Twin Peaks use absurd messengers like life itself. May these principles enlighten the dynamic between the “twin” peaks of your Life and your Death, your Light and your Dark, your Love and your Hate and all other dualities that swim inside and outside your Self. Hiking Twin Peaks is an “Experimental!? Guide” after all. Considering that your life is an experiment, Twin Peaks’ Principles may yield you desirable results whether or not you have hypothesized and envisioned them. These tools carry vision. Carry the tools and let the vision carry you. Enjoy and apply what seems like wisdom [E-Prime].

If you do not enjoy coffee, or cannot drink it, please consider another beverage that provides comfort, strength, focus and generally improves your mood and abilities.  This rule of substitution applies to any other principles that suggest particular consumption.


“Teach them a degree of caution that will protect them in the days and weeks to come.” [Principle: LT: HQT: AT: Matches Shield motif]


“Get the chance to knock off early.”…“Tomorrow comes early.” Cooper [Principle: HQT]…



“Who has the other half of this heart?” [Principle: LT]


“[Sentimental] goodwill shenanigans” [Principle: MNT: AT]


Horne: [“In the sweetness of passing time, this hour will soon seem like a day.” [Principle: AT]


“Discuss…the thoughts and feelings surrounding…”… “Rebellion in a young man your age is a necessary fact of life.”… “I am obligated to contain that…contrarianist within the bounds established by society as well as those within our own family structure.”…. “Reluctance to enter into a dialogue with me, your father.” [LT: HQT]…“There are times when silence is golden. Silence can be taken many ways, as a sign of intelligence.” [MNT: LT: HQT]… “The quieter we come, the more we hear.” [Principle: LT: Meditation].]



Evergreen [Principle.]


[“Each day brings a new beginning. And every hour holds a promise to an invitation to love.” [Principle].]…“


“[It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last, but] I’m in that dog house again.” [IM: AM [Principle.]…


“Make a note.” [Principle: LT: MNT: “Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer” title reference hits the idiosyncratic mindfulness [Meditation, Vision, Awareness, Exactitude, Will [MVAEW] of Dale Cooper that Twin Peaks taught to viewers of cable television in the 90s into Now].]


“Where’s there’s no sense, there’s no feeling.” [Principle: Train your senses in Twin Peaks. What do you sense or not sense in the show and what feelings follow?]


“[Coop,] the idea for all this really came from a dream?” [WRQ]… “It did.”….


“Through the darkness of future past, the magician longs to see…one chance out between two worlds….fire walk with me.” [Principle: LT: FT: WRQ: HQT]



“[That rightward slant in your handwriting indicates a] romantic nature. [Be careful.]” [Principle: DC as Sherlock: LT: AT: WRQ: HQT]…. “A heart that yearns.” …Dale Cooper… “It is an absolutely beautiful morning” [Positive affirmations of mindfulness enhance gratitude through energizing awareness. [PAMEGEA].]


“[Our job is simple], break the code, solve the crime.” [Principle: MNT: LT: GT: HQT]…


Albert: “I’ve got compassion running out of my noise, pal.  I’m the Sultan of Sentiment…I have traveled thousands of miles and apparently several centuries to this forgotten sinkhole in order to perform a series of tests.  I do not ask you to understand these tests, I am not a cruel man, I ask you to get the hell out my way so that I can finish my work.  Is that clear?”…“We appreciate and understand the value of your work…” [MNT: DI]…[Albert: “I realize that your position in this fair community pretty well guarantees banality and sincerity and a rather irritating method of expressing yourself.  Stupidity, however, is not a necessarily inherent trait.  Therefore, please listen closely.” [Principle: LT: HQT]


“He greets the day with a smile.” [Principle: LT: Mindfulness practice.]


“I have seen decency, honor, and dignity here.” [Principle: Fundamental principles stated clearly. [Profundity and absurdity. Tragedy and comedy: Twin Peaks [DMT].].]…DC…. “Life has meaning here…right here in Twin Peaks.” [LT: MNT: DMT: WRQ: HQT: Stanley Kubrick: “The very meaninglessness of life forces a man to create his own meaning]… “Sounds like you have been snacking on some of the local mushrooms.” [HQT: FM: WRQ]


“Special love we reserve for the headstrong and the bold.” [Principle: MNT: Twin Peaks celebrates such qualities.]


[Harry: “You’re going to have to go along with me on this even though it sounds a little weird.] Twin Peaks is different. [A long way from the world…that’s exactly the way we like it.  But there’s a backend to that that’s kind of different too.  Maybe that is the price we pay for all the good things.” [DMT: HQT: MNT: Principle]… “There’s a sort of evil out there. Something very, very strange in these old woods. Call it what you want: a darkness, a presence. It takes many forms.” [HQT: DMT: WRQ: William S. Burroughs: “America is not a young land: it is old and dirty and evil. Before the settlers, before the Indians… the evil was there… waiting.”]… [“But it’s been out there for as long as anyone can remember, and we have always been here to fight it. Men before us, men before them, more after we are gone.”…. “A secret society.” [HQT: LT: DMT]…strokes right side of face [PTHM]…“Book House Boys” [Principle: LT: HQT]…



“File it ‘F’ for forget.” [Principle: HQT]


“I had an intuition.” [HQT: LT: WRQ]… “Sarah Palmer.”… “I’m a strong sender.” [WRQ]….corrects drawing quickly and with eyes in distance… “Always seeing somewhere.” [Principle: WRQ]….


[DC:  “In the heat of the investigative pursuit, the shortest way between two points is not necessarily a straight line.”] [HQT: LT: WRQ: Principle]


[Bobby: “I gotta think. I gotta think.” [MNT: HQT: Principle].]


Bobby: “I’m going to take this. Ok. You never saw this. Say it: “I never saw this.” [Principle: HQT]…Shelly: “I never saw this.”


“I’ve been feeling a little high strung.” [ID] … Cooper: “Well, it’s a lack of preparation. We’ll take care of that.” [Principle].]


“Andy, what we need is practice, lots of it.” [Principle: LT HQT:]


[DC: “No, I knew someone once who helped me understand commitment, responsibilities and the risks… who taught me the pain of broken heart.” [Principle HQT: LT]….


[“One woman can make you fly like an eagle. Another can give you the strength of a lion. But only one in the cycle of life can fill your heart with wonder and the wisdom that you have known a singular joy.” [HQT: AM: DMT: Principle]


“[Going to have] A day of beauty” [Principle: AT: LT]


“[I wish I could depend on you more, especially at] a trying time like this.” [Principle]…


[Audrey:] “Cut down like a flower that had just begun to bloom…Life can be so short…[sigh] there isn’t all the time in the world, I see that now…I want to change my life….[I’m willing to start at the absolute bottom.” [HQT: DMT: Principle].]…


“and be discreet” [“Discreet” repeated. [Principle].]


[“Gentleman, when two separate events occur simultaneously pertaining to the same object of inquiry,] we must always pay strict attention.” [Principle]…



[“Up until this moment I have experienced nothing at the Great Northern Hotel but the most pleasant, courteous service imaginable; however, it just goes to prove the point that once a traveler leaves his home he loses almost one hundred percent of his ability to control his environment.” [Principle: MNT: Recording to Diane].]


[“It will take them a day or two to reset their biological clocks.” [Principle].]


Ben: “If we still need a kicker to nail the sale, I’m thinking maybe they might enjoy a road trip to you know where.” [Principle: HQT]


Cooper: “Did you notice the picture of…?” [Principle: LT: AT]


[Norma: “Maybe that’s our trouble, Ed. We never want to hurt anyone. We never just take what we want. There is a part of me that thinks that this is how it is when you get to the end of your life and you don’t have anything to show for it.” [HQT: Principle.].]…X frames them…..


“Starting low, aiming high.” [HQT: DMT: MNT: LT: Principle]


“It’s the secrets people keep that destroy any chance of happiness…”[Principle: LT: HQT]….


“It will never go away our whole lives.” [HQT: DMT: Darkness that has creeped in from the woods?]… “She’s out there wandering like a restless spirit.” [Principle: DMT: WRQ: HQT]


Donna: “If I said that you can’t really say a word of this to anyone, not a soul, not even your aunt and Uncle, would that be ok with you.” [WRQ: DMT: HQT: Principle]…. “That sounds like some big secret.”[HQT]….takes glasses off to process [MNT: DMT: Revealing the secret that she is the same actress as Laura’s.] …James doesn’t blink….until the end… “We’ve sworn on her memory not to let that happen.” [HQT: Principle]


Log Lady: “My log does not judge.” [WRQ: Principle: Wisdom of nature.  Oracle of Log.]


[“We’ll let it steep.” [FM: Principle] …smacks Cooper.… [“Wait for the tea; the fish aren’t running.” [FM: IM: Principle]…


“Tea first, then be ready.” [FM: Principle]


Major Briggs: “Of course the modern age has changed forever how your people live, Mr. Thorsten, but it would be my guess that there still remains a tremendous vestigial interest in the] legends and folklore of ancient Iceland.” [LT: AT: Principle: WRQ: HQT]


[“Let’s keep the melodrama to a minimum.” [MNT: Principle].]


[Ben: “I have retained the services of a qualified professional.” [Principle.].]


“I told you to mind the store, not open up a new franchise.” [Principle.]



Realization Time [Transitory Revelations [RT [Realization Time: HQT: DMT: LT: GT: Principle].].]


“What I want and what I need are two different things.” [HQT: LT: Principle: Henry David Thoreau: “Simplicity. Simplicity. Simplicity.”]


“I can’t tell you all my secrets.” [HQT: Principle]


“Peak Activity Time” [LT: MNT: HQT: Principle]


“It’s urge to mimic.” [Principle: HQT]


“Should return with its good health.” [HQT: Principle.]


“[Now] we know who and when, but we don’t know why.” [Principle: LT]


“I don’t appreciate your attitude.” [HQT: LT: GT: Principle.]


[“The variety of work is completely up to you.” [LT: AT: HQT: Principle].]…“If you are chosen…” [HQT]


“I’m going to let you in on a little secret.] Everyday, once a day, give yourself a present. [Don’t plan it. Don’t wait for it. Just, let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men’s store, a cat nap in your office chair, or two [cups of good, black] coffee.” [Principle: LT: FM]…[“Like this, a present.”


“It loses something in the translation.” [AT: LT: Principle]


“The truth. It’s my job.”… [“That’s good enough for me.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]


[“Yes, it’s still urgent.” [Principle: HQT].]


“Is everything in order…?” [IM: Principle]…. “Are you suggesting that there is something irregular at work here?” [WRQ]… “Are you an ambitious man…?” [Principle: HQT]…Macbeth [SHM]



“You don’t offer and you don’t ask.” [Principle.]


“Hawk, hold the line, [we’ll set the hook. [Principle: HQT: PTHM]


“Right now I can only take so much of sweet.” [Principle: AT: DMT: HQT: Twin Peaks balances.]


“Remember that mystery man I told you about. [If I tell you his name, then you will be in trouble. He wouldn’t be such a mystery man, but you might be history man.”[Principle: WRQ: HQT: Many mysteries meet us in Twin Peaks.]…


[“I’ve been going over this in my mind…If you can follow my thinking. We’re all born into life and we have a certain number of years to move and breathe and have our being. That’s from a book of Oriental Philosophy I read from when I was in the joint. Maybe someone somewhere knows how much time we have?…How does he place value on that time?” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT].]


[“You want a lot for your money, and I want a lot for my time.” [Principle: HQT].]


“There’s a saying in the joint. It’s not Oriental Philosophy, but it has a similar kind of logic that appeals to my spiritual nature. [HQT: LT: Principle]… Once you’re in business with somebody, you’re in business for life, like a marriage.” [Principle: Polonius: [SHM].].].…


“He’s too stupid to lie.” [Principle.]


“I can’t blame you for dreaming.” [Principle: MNT: For us watching this dream.]


“a great moment.” [Principle: gratitude: slices of time synchronicity theme]


[“This is marvelous.”….Horne: “Enjoy, enjoy.” [MNT: Principle]:]


[“I suspect that I may put them to use as a purely precautionary measure.” [Principle].]


[“24 hour room service must be one of the premier achievements of modern civilization.” [Principle].]

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