Seek Further Inward and Outward!?

Hiking Twin Peaks: An Experimental!? Guide: The Appendix: Twin Peaks’ Principles: Season 2

Hiking Twin Peaks: An Experimental!? Guide Weird Real(m) Quest(ion)s Introduction & Season 1

Please read the Introduction to Principles: Season 1 below if you have not read it, or need a refresher concerning my premise and particular vision. Otherwise, skip below to Season 2’s Introduction to Twin Peaks’ wisdom.

Principles: Season 1: Introduction

Context is important and it is not important [DMT]. If wisdom [Truth + Goodness] works universally, then details lessen in value as The Core Light [TCL] steers steadily. Thus, if you review the Twin Peaks’ Principles and consider some of the characters they originate from, you may be inclined to dismiss them based upon a character’s immoralities and abnormalities. I recommend that you do not do this, which is why I have not included the source of many lines. I muse that the minds behind Twin Peaks use absurd messengers like life itself. May these principles enlighten the dynamic between the “twin” peaks of your Life and your Death, your Light and your Dark, your Love and your Hate and all other Dualities that Swim Inside and Outside Your Self [DSIOY]. Hiking Twin Peaks is an “Experimental!? Guide” after all. Considering that your life is an experiment, Twin Peaks’ Principles may yield you desirable results whether or not you have hypothesized and envisioned them. These tools carry vision. Carry the tools and let the vision carry you. Enjoy and apply what seems like wisdom [E-Prime].

If you do not enjoy coffee, or cannot drink it, please consider another beverage that provides comfort, strength, focus and generally improves your mood and abilities.  This rule of substitution applies to any other principles that suggest particular consumption or activity averse to thy ultimate code.

Principles: Season 2: Introduction

In the middle of editing Season 2, the God of Forgetfulness cast many episodes away so  every Principle from Episode 2 on was recopied, rewritten and rerevised due to a Black Lodge Decree [BLD], or the Principles themselves commanding me to contemplate deeply again.  To scrutinize the Wise for Socrates defies to separate the truth from lies, aids Light’s rise, avoids the Despised, chooses to abide by the Divine, defined in my mind from Beauty’s lines.  I thank the Universe for forcing me to rewrite this section.  Ultimately, I came up with a rhyme and I learned more about controlling my mind, for anger cannot resurrect what is lost, whether in reality or digital memory. ENDURE! May we keep climbing all Peaks in our lives, and may the proceeding Twin Peaks’ Powerful Principles Promote Personal Progress! [P5: HQT].


“Does this include a gratuity?” [Principle: FM: AT: Cooper applied this even while shot: LT: HQT]

Cooper puts up pointer finger bent [PTHM: Principle: Star Wars’ Yoda connection with gesture and title phrasing with “Giant” instead of “Force”: “For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. Life creates it, makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. Luminous beings are we [David Lynch’s Quote of Synchronicity in the Introduction echoes:  “We are all light bulbs.”]

“If I tell you them and they come true, then will you believe me?” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]….

“The question is ‘where have you gone?’” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“This is all I am permitted to say.” [Principle: LT: DMT: GT: HQT]

….[“Next time we will play a different game. I’ll make the rules. You’ll like it. Fun game. Everyone wins.” [Principle: GT: HQT: Horne rolls right hand fingers upwardly. [PTHM].]

“[All things considered, being shot] is not as bad as I always thought it might be….as long as you can keep the fear from your mind. [I guess you could say that about most anything in life. It’s not so bad as long you keep the fear from your mind.” [Principle: LT: HQT: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.”: Yoda: Mental Power through Mindfulness [MPM].]…

“At a time like this, curiously, you begin to think of the things you regret, or the things you might miss. I would like in general to treat people with much more care and respect.” [Principle: LT: momento mori: HQT]…

“I would like to climb a tall hill, not too tall, sit in the cool grass, not too cool, and feel the sun on my face.” [Principle: HQT: LT: Meditation: Visualization]

[Cooper: “Doc, [Right arm up at right angle].] when the will is invoked, [the recuperative powers of the physical body are simply extraordinary.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]

“What’s there to smile about?” [Principle: Gratitude: HQT]

“Back and ready.” [Principle: Hamlet: “The readiness is all.” [SHM: AT: LT: HQT].]

[“…a picture is forming.” [Principle: AT: MNT: LT: HQT].]

“Looks like you were more right than you know.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

….[Albert: “How simple can I make it? I’m in proximity…I’m familiar with the underlying case.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“Where does this general attitude of unpleasantness come from?…Well, if you don’t want two black eyes on a regular basis, I suggest you make some kind of peace with rural life.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“When did you start smoking?”…like Laura…. “Helps relieve tension.” [Principle: HQT]… “When did you get so tense?” [MNT: LT: Principle]…. “When I started smoking.”

“Behave yourselves.”…“Back issues.”… “Especially from a company that preys on human weaknesses.” [Principle: HQT]…

[Cooper to Dr.:] “I don’t want any baloney, magic tricks, or psychological mumbo jumbo.” [Principle: WRQ: HQT]

….[Ed: “Thinking about the things I should have said or done…I never believed in fate Agent Cooper. Always felt you make your own way, you take care of your own, you pick up after yourself.” [WRQ: Principle: HQT]

Cooper…doesn’t blink…turns right…their music in…stronger….open-mouthed…. “Smiling bag.”….turns after epiphany [Principle: LT: HQT]

“The huckleberries are particularly delicious today. [Particularly fresh and delicious.]” [FM: Principle: Gratitude through positive, aware affirmations.]

“May I share something with you [MNT]….a vision [I had in my sleep last night, as distinguished from a dream which is mere sorting and cataloguing of today’s events by the unconscious.] [WRQ: LT: HQT]…It was a vision [fresh and clear as a mountain stream….the mind revealing itself to itself [Principle: Giant: HQT]…[In my vision I was on the veranda of a vast estate,] a palazzo of some fantastic proportion…[There seemed to emanate a light from a] gleaming radiant marble…This was my first return….a reunion with the deepest wellsprings of my being.” [MNT: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

[Major of son: “He was happy, and carefree.  Clearly living a life of deep harmony and joy. We embraced, warm and loving embrace, nothing withheld.” [Principle: HQT]

“We were in this moment one. [My vision ended I awoke with a tremendous feeling of optimism and confidence in you and your future. That was my vision of you. I am so glad I had this opportunity to share it with you. I wish you nothing but the very best in all things” [MNT: Principle: HQT]

Pete there [“I do appreciate the ride.” [Principle: gratitude].]

Harry: “I do appreciate your company.” [Principle: gratitude].]

“Indulge a secret vice.” [Principle: HQT]

“I know you want to hope for the best, but you ought to prepare for the worst.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

“Plain hell” repeated….head nod from Harry… “Once there was a little bit of heaven there too.” [Principle: DMT: gratitude]…. “This will take a little while to sink in I suppose.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

notepad yellow with pen on ledge in front of phone [Principle: AT: LT]…

“Check In” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

“Fairy princess.”… “I don’t have to worry about being ashamed anymore.”  [Principle: AT: WRQ: HQT]

“The dance was her calling. [It was Laura.]” [Principle: AT: LT: HQT]

“In med school we learned to live on three hours and cat naps.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“Of course, I can’t comment.” [Principle: HQT]

“It is strange, isn’t it [MNT]… “It had literally changed overnight [DMT]… “I had turned a corner [somehow. I felt a great deal of sadness still, yes, but. Ah, it wasn’t as overwhelming to me. I physically felt that a great weight had been lifted from my heart.” [IM: Principle: HQT]… “Perhaps it has.”…. “God, I feel like singing.”… “Come on everybody, get happy!” [Principle: HQT]….

“Sing hallelujah, get happy.” [Principle: AT: HQT]…

“It’s oh so easy on the other side.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT: parallel universe transformation.]… “Better chase all your fears away.” [Principle: LT: HQT]…. “Get ready for the Judgment Day.” [WRQ: HQT: IM: Principle: Revelations Theme [“Realization Time”]….[“It’s oh so peaceful on the other side.” [AT: DMT: HQT].]

“dog tired…[As we know from experiments on GIs during the Korean War, sleep deprivation is a one-way ticket to temporary psychosis [, and I am working on a three day jag.][WRQ: Principle: DMT: LT: HQT].]…. “Thought I saw a giant in my room, [perhaps that is a story I will save for another time.” [Principle: WRQ].]

giant…giant’s music…bowtie…gone….now back with light in room….up at giant….tri part lamp to giant’s right…POV behind giant’s head…[Hand up [PTHM]: “Better to listen than to talk.  Don’t search for all the answers at once.] A path is formed by laying one stone at a time.” [Principle: LT: HQT]…


“Trying hard to focus on the more immediate problems of our own century right here in Twin Peaks” [Principle: MNT: AT: HQT]

[“I like to think of myself as one of the happy generation.” [Principle: MNT: AT: HQT].]

[“I believe it is customary to ask after the health of someone recently plugged three times.]…Don’t get sentimental.” [Principle: HQT]

“One day here, the next day gone.” [Principle: momento mori: HQT]…. “We need the very best.” [IM: Principle: HQT: Best the best quest with a quest for the best.]

“Dedication to duty wasn’t the only thing that brought me back here.” [Principle: DMT: HQT]

young David Lynch: “Miss, sometimes things can happen just like this.” [IM: Principle: WRQ: HQT: MNT]…snap

masterminded… “Faked for public consumption.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT]

[“Hold up under any future scrutiny.”… “Depending on how one looks at the situation, it appears they both have merit.”]…“It looks like we are 100 percent certain that we aren’t sure.” [Principle: MNT: HQT]…. [“Obviously something requires burning.” [Principle: FRT: HQT].]

“You wear shiny objects on your chest…are you proud?”…. “[No,] achievement is its own reward. Pride obscures it.” [Principle: AT: LT: HQT]

… “It’s my civic duty, [and I like whales.]” [Principle: AM: HGT]

[“Concerned about certain irregularities….” [Principle: LT: HQT]

[“The only ally we have is time.” [Principle: HQT].]

“I can’t connect you unless you tell me who you are.” [Principle: LT: HQT.]

“I have a message for you…I’m not at liberty to reveal the nature of my work.”…“[This secrecy pains me from time to time.] Any bureaucracy that functions in secret inevitably lends itself to corruption. These rules I have pledged to uphold. I believe a pledge is sacred.” [LT: WRQ: SNAFU Principle of Robert Anton Wilson].]


Smoke exhaled by the plant…air and then fire….soft sparks [Cutting element of wood]…or metal of the Chinese elements [Principle: Temper Your Temper [TYT].]….then earth for the Twin Peaks….water ends with the falls [LT: WRQ: Four Elements of the West and Five Elements of the East]….falls really in Washington? [Yes: HQT: Snoqualmie Falls]…whirling eddies of the river [SM]…..our lives passing in and out of others and moving with the force of Tao…[Principle: LT: HQT: Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching]

[Cooper: “Breathe now.” [Cooper: “Breathe now.” [Principle: LT: Focus of Meditative Attention [FMA]: HQT].]

“Do you have a judgment…that you would like to express?” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]….

[Cooper: “Maddie has seen [the man] twice. [Both times in a vision.  I’ve seen him in a dream.”]… “This path is a psychic link that will lead us straight to him.” [WRQ: HQT: Principle]

“Confining my conclusions to the Planet Earth.” [Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT].]

“You get the picture.”… “Even got the frame.” [Principle: LT: AT: HQT]

“[The trail of the man who shot you is ice cold, but I hoovered some fibers from the corridor outside your room. [HQT: IM: water element]…My ticket out of Trolleyville…While I will admit to a certain cynicism, the fact is that I am a] naysayer [and a hatchet man in the fight about violence. I pride myself in taking a punch, and I will gladly take another, because I choose to live my life in the company of Gandhi and King. My concerns are global. I reject absolutely revenge, aggression, and retaliation. The foundation of such a method is love. I love you Sherriff Truman.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]…

“Albert’s path is a strange and difficult one.” [MNT: Principle: WRQ: Wonder Forevermore!?: HQT] ]….

[Cooper to James: “Stop trying to figure it out all by yourself.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]

[“I admit it was daring; that made it exciting. Still I thought it would lead to more.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“It wasn’t like her. [I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore. Sometimes I think I should just get on my bike and go.” [HQT: Easy Rider: “I’m hip about time, but I just got to go.” [Principle: Tao: HQT].]

[“I understand completely. You need something more practical.] A shoe for all seasons.” [Principle: IM: LT: HQT]

[Cooper: “If I have overstepped my boundaries with my concern, I apologize. I am here only with the best intentions.” [Principle: HQT].]

music…. mystery, but not too dark [Principle: AT: MNT: WRQ]

“Sweet sleep.” [Principle: HQT]

“Practicing a [a kind of] creative healing.”…star fish above him [AM: Cooper’s tie: MNT]….in net… “Autosuggestion program that I use.” [LT: Principle: HQT]

[Cooper: “Enveloping you in a soft blanket of peace.” [MNT: Principle].]

“He seems kind of nice odd ball.  I guess anyone can start to seem like that if you look close enough. [MNT: Principle].]…[“You probably knew how we felt before we did. How can you be so smart about things like that, and so stupid about so much else?” [DMT: Principle: MNT: WRQ].

[“There’s always manana.” [Principle: HQT].]


“Have you ever experienced absolute loss?”….[Cooper: “I doubt that any one of us is a stranger to grief.” [Principle: WRQ: HQT]

[Hayward: “Parents should not bury their children.” [Principle: HQT].]

Cooper: “Outdoor enthusiast?” [Principle: LT: AM: WTM: HQT]

“M. T. Wentz, [the travel writer. Travels incognito, uses only cash, no credit card. No one can trace his identity. A favorable Wentz’ review could be quite useful [Principle: MNT: DMT: AT: HQT]…Not even 9:30 and you have already done a good day’s work.” [Principle: HQT].]…..

“[Number one: your business up there is being run by pickpockets and] fools. [A dollar earned is a dollar stolen.] “Are you aware of that?” [IM: Principle: LT: GT: HQT]…  [Horne:] “I have my suspicions.”…

[Horne: “This is supposed to be an equitable exchange.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]

Norma: “Going to try to send him our way….I always wanted to try some regional dishes.”[Principle: FM: LT]

[Harold: “What should we drink to?…To Laura,] In our hearts and memories locked.” [IM: FM: LT: Principle: HQT]….toast to Laura [Principle: FM]…

“People come to me and tell me their stories.”… “About the world, outside.”… “I take their stories and place them in a larger context…“A sort of living model.” [Principle: LT: Paradigm:  AT: HQT: Whose story is this? [MNT].]… “Friends”…. “Lovers…[Maybe someday you will too.]” [MNT: HQT]

“That’s no reason to circumvent normal channels.” [Principle: HQT]

behind him so face can’t be read….too calm….asks question looking away [Principle: DMT: HQT]…

tackle box [Principle: Right Tool Right Technique [RTRT]: PTHM: HQT]…..[Pete: “I don’t know exactly what will be buried.” [Principle: WRQ: HQT].]…

“In a situation like this, you have to handle yourself in a professional manner. [We’re all reasonable people, and what you discover is that something reasonable can always be worked out whenever reasonable people just put their minds to it…” [Principle: LT: DI: DMT: HQT]

“Kindly make another pot.” [Principle: FM: HQT]

[Cooper to Andy:] “Maybe you’d better get some air.” [IM: Principle: Yes!: HQT]

Cooper asserts his knowledge of her emotional situation [“Lucy, I think we’re at the point where it would be healthier for everyone if you got whatever is bothering you out in the open…That much I gathered.” [Principle: IM: HQT].]…

“He keeps himself and his car in great shape.” [Principle: LT: Balance: HQT]… “Most of his behavior was asinine, but at least he was different.” [Principle: HQT]

“Can you tell me exactly what you do want?” [Principle: LT: HQT]

[Cooper: “I’ve got a dangerous situation. I’ve examined every possible angle and believe there’s only one way to proceed.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]…“Strictly between us” [IM: Principle: MNT: What is there?: HQT]

[Harry: “I’ve steered clear when you’ve asked me to…” [IM: Principle: HQT]

seeking as usual [Principle: LT: HQT: Seekers seek this.]

“Hi, good looking. [Who do you have to grease to get some coffee around here?” [IM: Principle: FM: HQT]

“[You’re a cool drink of water on road-weary eyes.] What’s your secret?” [IM: Principle: WRQ: LT: HQT]… “Give us a hug.” [IM: Principle: HQT]…“Life is hard dear.” [IM: Principle: HQT]…. “It’s harder in most places than in Twin Peaks.” [DI: MNT: Principle: Gratitude: AT: HQT]…. “I won’t bore you with either one of them.” [Principle: AT: LT: MNT: HQT]

“[The law provides a structure [to guide us through perilous and trying times. But requires our submission to which procedures and higher purposes before we assume] [Principle: LT: HQT]… our respective roles in this enduring drama, [just let me say that when these frail shadows that we inhabit now have quit the stage, we will meet, and raise a glass again together] in Valhalla.” [MNT: LT: Principle: SHM: Macbeth: WRQ: HQT]

“Would that it were so.” [IM: Principle: HQT: Magickal Wish]

could be the author once again [Principle: MNT: AT: WRQ: HQT: Secrets author secrets.]….

“We all got our job to do.” [IM: Principle: HQT]….

“Are there any other complications?” [Principle: LT: HQT]…


has ear plugs [Principle]…[“Perhaps I should keep a closer eye on my] after dinner coffee consumption.” [Principle: FM: IM: HQT: Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency’s Motto: “We Never Sleep.”[1]]….[“Treating each morning with fifteen extra minutes of] Yogic Discipline.” [YD: Principle: LT: HQT]…. “[Afterward, the pain retreats to a cul-de-sac in] a distant suburb of my conscious mind.” [LT: HQT]… “Begin with …headstand…..I am now upside down.”…. his blurry view becomes clearer [as he says: “The mind becoming porous.  The day’s tasks coming into focus. Objects growing clearer.” [MNT: Principle: Mindfulness meditation: LT: HQT].]

[Lucy: “Tacoma]…Can-do temp girl…[Sometimes can-do girls can’t.” [Principle: HQT.]…

[“We got the jump on them.” [IM: Principle: HQT].]….

[“Sit and experience what he can of nature.”…Bobby: “Fullest possible experience of life.”…Salesman: “That’s what we’re here for.” [IM: Principle: LT: MNT: HQT].]

[Harold: “A bargain has been struck.” [Principle: GT: HQT].]

Cooper under mounted buck like shaman [AM: WRQ]… “Objection [to the use of the word] ‘normal.’” [Principle: MNT: LT: DMT: WRQ: HQT ]…

… “Perspicacity” [“Seeing through the heart of the matter,” and how fitting for Twin Peaks: [Principle: MNT: LT: HQT].]

…[“On the surface, it might seem ridiculous” [Principle: DMT: MNT: AT: LT].]… “Feeling of justice, retribution to a community.”… “Sense of resolution.” [HQT]… “[You fellows can catch your breath.” [IM: Principle: HQT]… “I am going to need to deliberate.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“What’s the temperature of the town?” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]…. “[They] don’t need a circus.” [IM: MNT: AT: AM: WRQ: Principle]

[Judge: “I’ll advise you to] keep your eye on the woods.” [IM: Principle: WTM: WRQ: HQT]… “The woods are wondrous here, but strange.” [Principle: LT: DMT: WRQ: HQT: Twin Peaks is “wondrous and strange” metanarrative: MNT: woods = “Within the general symbolism of landscape, forests occupy a notable place, and are often found in myths, legends and folktales.  Forest-symbolism is complex, but is connected at all levels with the symbolism of the female principle of the Great Mother. The forest is the palace where vegetable life thrives and luxuriates, free from any control of cultivation. And since its foliage obscures the light of the sun, it is therefore regarded as opposed to the sun’s power and as a symbol of the earth.  In Druid mythology, the forest was given to the sun in marriage (49). Since the female principle is identified with the unconscious in Man, it follows that the forest is also of symbol of the unconscious.  It is for this reason that Jung maintains that the sylvan terrors that figure so prominently in children’s tales symbolize the perilous aspects of the unconscious, that is, its tendency to devour or obscure the reason…the forest harbours all kinds of dangers and demons, enemies and diseases (60).”[2]]…

[“Roll with the punches.” [IM: PTHM: Principle: HQT].]

“Stay by a phone.” [IM: Principle: PTHM: LT: HQT]

“Now that’s a good day’s work!” [IM: Principle: HQT]

“[You know you love a good steak, but you don’t want to know how it got on your plate.] You must be serious about your business.” [Principle: FM: HQT]

“What kind of muscle?” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“We do our part.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

“Pardon our mess sign.” [IM: Principle]

“Not [such] a bad way to go, all things considered.” [IM: Principle: HGT: “Getting old is a privilege.”]

All [basically] a matter of water and light.” [Principle: Foundation of our existence: HQT]

[“Too much humidity is an invitation to disease.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]

flash light signal [Principle: PTHM: HGT]

Cooper invisible in black [Principle: HQT]

deus ex machina… “Good thing you guys can’t keep a secret.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

“Are you looking for secrets?” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]


“It’s hard to know [exactly] what to believe in.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT: Uncertainty emphasizes explorations!? [The X-Files]!?]

“But when I saw you tonight, I knew exactly what I believed. If you and me put our hearts together, we would be safe no matter what.” [Principle: DMT: HQT]

cheers their coffee [Principle: FM]

“In home care is the stuff of miracles.” [DI].…. “I [just] admire your dedication.” [Principle: HQT]

“It’s times like these that make a man aware of the value of life.”… “Every rain drop, every sunset.” [DI: Principle: LT: HQT]

“Be adaptable.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“If you really love someone, it’s like there is this bright light shining on you. [You’re right in it. It’s great. I just don’t think you can be in it all the time.” [Principle: AT: HQT: David Lynch’s Synchronicity Quotation plus: “Beauty is the ability to generate light through character.” -Aaron Parell].]… “I want to try to make the way my heart feels last forever.” [Principle: HQT]

“Surely [a] mind as quicksilver as your own [can grasp the complicated position we are in.” [Principle: MNT: LT: WRQ: Alchemy: Quicksilver = mercury = “The planetary god and the metal bearing his name…In essence, he is the messenger of heaven.  His Greek name of Hermes signifies ‘interpreter’ or ‘mediator’. Hence it is his task to conduct the souls of the dead to the Lower World [Black Lodge]. Like Hecate, he is often triform, that is, represented with three heads [DMT].  He epitomizes the power of the spoken word— the emblem of the word ; and for the Gnostics he was the logos spermatikos scattered about the universe, an idea which was taken up by the alchemists who equated Mercury with related concepts of fluency and transmutation (9). At the same time, he was seen as a god of road (that is, of potentialities) (4). In astrology he is defined as ‘intellectual energy’. The nervous system is controlled by him, for the nerves are messengers on the biological plane (40). Probably it was the alchemist, with their lofty speculations, who penetrated farthest into the archetypal structure of Mercury.   In many cases they identified their transmutation-substance with the ‘lively planet’…Mercury (the metal) symbolizes the unconscious because of its fluid and dynamic character ; it is essentially duplex, for, in one way, it is an inferior being, a devil or monster, but in another sense it the philosopher’s child [DMT] (33). Hence, its unlimited capacity for transformation (as in the case of all liquids) came to be symbolic of the essential aim of the alchemist to transmute matter (and spirit) from the inferior to the superior, from the transitory to the stable.”].]…. “Fluidity is everything.” [Principle: LT: DMT: HQT]…

“Why do I sense that this isn’t a negotiable position? [You’re under some kind of pressure, aren’t you?” [Principle: GT: HQT].]

“Well played.” [IM: Principle: AT: GT: IM: HGT]….

“I don’t want to exploit him or nothing.” [Principle: HQT]…..clown then to left….. “Familiar stimulus.” [Principle: LT: AT: HQT]

“I believe in secrecy, Coop” [Principle: DMT: HQT]

“Restless nights and uneasy dreams go with the territory.” [MNT: LT: WRQ: HQT]…[Cooper: “There is much work to be done, but] mind, body and spirit are up to the task.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

[“Chess deal” [GT]: “P to K-4.”  “A chess deal.”  “Opening move from Windom [GT: “Win” + “Dom(ination) MNT] Earl.” [DMT: Noble Demon’s mad move [MNT].]… “Bless your heart, we are going to have to watch your back from now on.” [IM: heart: Principle: HQT]

[“Trying to be sensitive to local concerns. You must understand the impact that this project will have on the community.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]

“Created [a raft of unforeseen] problems.”]… “Psychic [as well as] financial.” [HQT]… [“I feel that it is my duty] as civic leader [to help foster the healing process.” [Principle: HQT].]

[“All of the beautiful and new things I am learning about you day by day” [Principle: AT: LT: HQT].]

[Tojamura: “I find adherence to fantasy troubling and unreasonable.” [Principle: DI: MNT: DMT: WRQ: HQT].]

“Through the darkness, the future past, the magician longs to see…..One chance out between two worlds….Fire Walk With Me.” [Principle: GT: LT: MNT: FRT: WRQ: HQT: Counter to “Demons”]

“Saw the face of God, [it was purified.”… “To stop him.”…. “This is his true face, but few can see it.”… “The gifted and the damned.” [Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT]


[One Armed Man:] “A large house made of wood surrounded by trees. [The house is filled with many rooms each alike, but occupied by different souls, night after night.” [WRQ]….dark music….One Armed Man…recites it as Shakespearean actor [SHM]…. “Full cooperation.” [IM: Principle: Wisely Enter Circles [WEC].]…  “[On my way] as soon as I finish my coffee.” [IM: FM: Principle: Qualifier: HQT]

“Real hush hush.” [IM: Principle: DMT: HQT]

“Good luck to all of you.” [IM: WRQ: Principle]…hand shake, except for Mike, The One Armed Man [PTHM]…[“Safe journey.” [IM: Principle: HQT].]…toast their coffees [Principle: FM]

“What a Wonderful World”!? [AT: DI: MNT: “All Wisdom Begins With Wonder.” [AWBWW] –Socrates [Principle: LT: HQT].]

“That’s a good start.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

“You remember Prudence? [I wore a little white mask.]” [Principle: LT: DMT: WRQ: HQT]

“You look after yourself. [When you are ready, you can come right back.]” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

“A moment.”…. dreamy doo wop moment…. “I don’t know what to say.”… “Don’t say anything.” [IM: Principle: AT: HQT]…

“Something like that.”… “Supports the contention of the one armed man.” [Principle: Evidence Analysis for Argumentation: LT: HQT]

[Mr. “We appreciate your promptness” [Principle: Gratitude: LT: HQT]

[Donna on Harold: “I think he was hurt inside in a way that I couldn’t figure out.” James: “Everybody’s hurt inside.” [Principle: HQT].]

… “heart” in lyrics of [HM: “Look back inside my heart. I want you up back inside my heart. Tell your heart  ‘don’t let me die.’” [Principle: HQT].]

eyes closed….see the light [IM: Principle: LT: DMT: WRQ HQT]

glimmer in Cooper’s eyes [IM: Principle: GT: WRQ]…

“I’m so sorry,” the man says….he smiles…. “The sun.” [HM]…. “The river flows out to the sea.” [Principle: LT: HQT]


…[Leland to them: “Take it easy now.” [DI: IM: Principle: HQT].]

“Last thing [a good] defense attorney needs to know is the truth.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT]

“It happens to be the truth.” [IM: Principle: WRQ: HQT]

[Leland:] “You have strong case…The law will handle this.” [HQT]…Cooper: “As it should be.” [Principle: HQT: Cooper as Hero [Principle: HQT].]

“Hey, I’m not on trial here!” [IM: What is your trial?: LT: AT: The Trial’s absurdity seems darkly similar to Twin Peaks [MNT: AT].]…[Cooper: “Take a closer look.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT].]

“We’re all adults here.” [IM: MNT]…. “Wild, young girl…[things spin out of control, she becomes a threat” [IM: Principle: HQT].]

“You cannot talk to me like this.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

“Keep it simple.” [IM: Principle: Thoreau and Easy Rider combined. [Zoom in boombox].]

[Norma’s mother: “The flowers add such a measure of cheer.” [Principle: FLM: AT: HQT]…“Wanted to see something of the country.” [IM: WTM: AM: Principle: LT: HQT]

guard outside not seen before [Principle: LT: HQT]

“I have a bad feeling.” [IM]… “I’m right there with you.” [IM: MNT: Principle: HQT]…

[“Lost in love…almost like a dream…It was the night Laura Palmer died…Memory’s so unreliable, finally maybe it was a dream. Maybe it never happened.] To tell you the truth, I can’t be sure anymore.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

guard watches [IM: Principle: HQT]

“I guess my mind just wandered.”…[Cooper: “It’s a good idea to leave your troubles behind while operating a vehicle, Leland.” [IM: Principle: WRQ: HQT].]

“I [enjoy] its precision.” [Principle: GT: LT: HQT]

[Cooper:] “I think we’re saddling the horse before we’re ready to ride.” [IM: AM]… “Do you get it?”… “I’ve had enough of the mumbo jumbo…dreams… visions…dwarfs…giants…Tibet, [and the rest of the hocus pocus]” [Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

“Told her some tall tale.” [IM: WRQ: LT: AT: HQT: MNT]… “A whopper.”…[Ernie: “I’m trying hard to tell nothing but the truth these days. It’s therapeutic.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]

“I paid my debts.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

“To much success in their future and all their future dealings.” [Principle: AT: GT: HQT]
“There’s not a star in the sky tonight.” [WRQ]… “[The trail narrows, Diane. I’m very close, but] the last few steps are always the darkest and most difficult.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

“What I think doesn’t really matter right now.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT].]


The two falls come together…duality becomes unity [Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT]….swirling together…we are lost in the flow…what forces are at work may be indiscernible…hyperlevels [Principle: DMT: HQT: WRQ]….

no words…balanced on screen [Principle: MNT: AT]

… “An observation….[I don’t know where this is headed but the only one with the destination in his hardware is you. Go on whatever vision quest you require, stand on the rim of the volcano.] Stand alone and do your dance. Just find this beast before he takes another bite.” [AM: LT: WRQ: HQT]… [Hawk:] “You’re on the path; you don’t need to know where it leads. Just follow.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]…

[Andy:] “Lonely soul.”….. “Nothing.”….. [Donna:] “Her grandson does the magick tricks.” [MNT: GT: LT: Principle]

Donna stares away to see the truth [Principle: LT: HQT]

[“I need to know something. I need you to help me…I need to unlock that. I need the answer is inside of me.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

[Cooper: “I] gave my ring to the Giant.”…[Gerard: “He is known to us here.”]…“He is real to us here.” [WRQ: HQT]…. “You have all the clues you need.” [Principle: GT: LT: HQT]

“That’s as close as I can cut it.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

[Alarm Technician: “Another couple minutes, I’ll have this baby up to code. Tweaking the sensors mostly. Don’t want your sprinklers to be overly jumpy. Got to set it just so.” [Principle: PTHM: LT: HQT]

“This is the long, dark night of my soul.” [LT: HQT]… “Time to seek that [tiny] flickering flame within.” [Principle: FRT: WRQ: LT: HQT]

… “You want me to beg?”… [Catherine:] “I’ll consider it…Why spoil it with the truth?”…before that… “We’ve spent our entire adult lives lying to each other.” [Principle: DMT: GT: WRQ: HQT]…

no blinking…. “It’s the strangest thing.” [IM: Principle: MNT: LT: HQT].

[“Donna, don’t you worry about a thing. I’ll get a glass a lemonade. We’ll sit down and give a think and we’ll work the problem out, together.” [IM: Principle: FM: LT: HQT]

….[Leland: “You’re taking this much too much to heart]… “I [know the] cure for what ails you.” [IM: Principle: HM: HQT]… “It’s simple.”… “It makes me feel good.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

pan down….pondering by the water [Principle: RM: LT: HQT]…park bench [at the Golden Hour]

[moving] tone….but still triumphant [AT]…[James: “It doesn’t matter; don’t you see?]  Nothing we do matters, nothing’s [ever] going to change. ” [IM: Principle: WRQ: HQT] …[“It doesn’t matter if we’re happy…the world] goes to hell.” [IM: WRQ: Principle: AT: Echoes of the ending of “Bohemian Rhapsody”: HQT]…

….[Cooper: “I spend most of my time seeking simple answers to difficult questions. In the pursuit…I have employed Bureau guidelines,] deductive [technique, Tibetan] method, instinct, and luck. [But now I find myself in need of something new; for lack of a better world, we will call magick.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

other wall…[Horne: “Leland?”…Hawk: “That’s not Leland.” [DMT: WRQ]…. [Cooper:] “Laura told me, in her dream.” [WRQ]…[Harry:] “We’ll need a lot stronger evidence than this.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]…

… “I suppose you want to ask him some questions.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

Hawk [stands] watching…wondering [IM: Principle: NAM: LT: HQT]

“Oh God have mercy on me. [What have I done?…My angel, forgive me.” [IM: Principle: DMT: WRQ: HQT].]

Harry hand on thigh [PTHM]… “[Leland,] the time has come for you to seek the path.” [Principle: LT: HQT]… “[Your soul has set you face to face with the clear light and you are now about to experience it in its reality.”…. “Wherein all things are like the void and cloudless sky.”…[“and the naked spotless intellect is like a translucent vacuum,] without circumference or center.”… “In this moment know yourself and abide in that state.”… “Look to the light…[Find the light.]”….exorcism… “[Enter the light…into the light. [Into the light. Into the light.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: The Tibetan Book of the Dead: HQT].]


Brothers, Twin Peaks’ Cain and Abel [LT: DMT]…who?…dream is [as] myth….Heraclitus… “You can never step into the same river twice.” [Principle: LT: HQT: WRQ]

“There are things dark and heinous in this world. [Things too horrible to tell our children. Your husband fell victim to one of these long ago when he was innocent and trusting. Leland did not do these things, not the Leland you knew.” [Principle: LT: DMT: WRQ: HQT]

eyes open to realization…Cooper as shaman [WRQ: HGT]….dot star tie… “I would be honored to drive you.” [IM: Principle: What code of honor? [LT: HQT]

[Mrs. Hayward: “At a time like this, people just] naturally come together. [It’s a time of reaching out.” [Principle: HQT].]….

[“You appear to be fully recovered from your recent setback.”…Dr. Jacoby: “Well, nothing beats the restorative powers of Hanalei Bay.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]….[Cooper:] “Stockpiled” [Principle: LT: HQT]

[Mrs. Palmer: “Donna came over to see Laura…They made this very serious promise to each other to be best friends forever. I think it was a kind of bond against dying…I need to remember all of this.” [Principle: DMT: WRQ: HQT]

…[Harry: “Knock it off. Remember where you are and why we’re here, please!” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

“Customer relations.”….[Cooper] hand up…palm forward [PTHM]…. “I have no complaints.” [IM]…. “Yes, in fact, I am.”….Audrey close…. “Save my life and break my heart.”… “My personal policy.” [Principle: LT]

“Need to hear any more?”…fuzzy patch on vest…..“It’s nice to be quoted accurately.” [Principle: MNT: LT: AT: HQT: Wink wink]

[Audrey: “You know,] there’s only one problem with you; you’re perfect.” [Principle: DMT: WRQ: Paradox: HGT]

…[Shelly:] “I gotta get out of this house.”…[Bobby:] “We’re on easy street. [I’ll take care of you in ways you’ve never dreamed of.” [IM: Roads theme: HQT].]… “I gotta ramble.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]… “Later.”….cut to…

….[Harry:] “For starters…” [IM: FM]….[Catherine:] “Do you believe in guardian angels?” [WRQ]…statue of football quarterback between [GT: HQT]….[Harry: “To tell you the truth [I’m not sure what I believe these days.” [IM: Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

elk, duck [AM]…red books… “A rock formation….flooded with memories [of] my childhood…This is what heaven is.”….type writer right [AT]…owl right [AM]…. “Only a guardian angel could have brought me [there.” [Principle: WRQ: HQT]… “Thank God we always kept a well-stocked pantry]…can of tuna fish” [Principle: AM: FM: HQT]

[Dick: “Great news, I quit smoking.” [Principle: MNT: Previous episode’s subliminal programming outside Leland’s cell through “No” and fragment of “Smoking”].]….

sword on evergreen…red circle…. “Book House Boy [Patch]” [AT: HQT]…. “I am honored beyond my ability to express myself.” [Principle: MNT: LT: AT: HQT]

“May the wind always be at your back.” [IM: NAM: Principle: HQT]…Hawk

behind….. “Agents that watch the agents.” [Principle: MNT: HQT: Robert Anton Wilson taught me: “Who will guard the guards?”]

[Cooper: “Malfeasance”: LT: HQT]…“In part.”…. “As to your motives and your methods.” [Principle: LT: GT: HQT]

…… “Count to ten.” [IM: Principle: HQT]… “First rule of business is that you have to know who to speak to.” [Principle: LT: GT: HQT]

hand up by Cooper [PTHM]…making strong point….pencil held….picture shown….arms crossed…hands crossed [PTHM]… “You have 24 hours to assemble your defense.” [Principle: LT: GT: HQT]

“I’ll stand.”…[Special Agent Roger:] “Your cooperation will be useful and greatly appreciated.” [IM: Principle: HQT]… “Unless you [gentlemen] have that paperwork, take your cooperation and stuff it.”….stare down [SA: “That attitude will not serve you.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

… “The critic has…” [MNT]… “No Ghostwood” sign [MNT]…. “Please don’t tell me how to feel.” [Principle: MNT: HQT: How should we feel? Emotions are altered strangely and uncontrollable more in Twin Peaks.]

Mom…[“You might as well know, so we can get this little melodrama over with” [Principle: DMT: MNT: LT: HQT].]

[Vivian:] “I can’t violate my professional ethics….Some standards have to prevail.” [Principle: LT: HQT]…. “How about the standards of common decency and kindness?” [Principle: LT: Kurt Vonnegut on “Common Decency”]…. “As usual, you are overreacting…”….Lynch’s skill… “The hurt I feel is my hurt. How I react is none of your damn business.” [Principle: LT: HQT]… “Be sensible.” [Principle: LT: HQT]….ice cream cone to left of mom…. “Goodbye.”…. “Go.” [Principle: HQT]

“I’m hardwired.” [Principle: MNT: Echoes last episode’s line from Alfred about Cooper having the “hardware”: LT: Self-programming: HQT]…. “I’m definitely your man.” [IM: HQT]….[Renault:] “You say the magick words.” [IM: Principle: Game: HQT]

three books [LT]…. “You have a very good system…very scientific” [Principle: LT: HQT]… “We all gamble here.” [Principle: GT: HQT]…. “You must enjoy life.” [Principle: LT: AT: HQT]…

….[Cooper: “At the time I did what I thought was right; I must now face the consequences.” [IM: Principle: HQT]…Major: “You can do no more.” [Principle: Stoicism]

blurry object left front…[Major:] “I’ve pondered that same question continuously.” [Principle: LT: WRQ]….coffee can [FM]…….[Cooper: “Trying to imagine him out there incarnate,] looking for another victim to inhabit.” [WRQ: HQT].]… [Major:] “There are powerful forces of evil.”…. “It is some men’s fate to face great darkness.”…. “We each choose how to reach.”… “[If] the choice [is] fear, [then] we become vulnerable to darkness.”…. “There are ways to resist.”….[“You sir were blessed with certain gifts; in this respect,] you are not alone.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

“I’m going to take a moment here.” [Principle: LT: HQT]…. “There’s nothing quite like…out in the open air.” [Principle: HQT]… “I look forward to hearing more about this White Lodge.” [Principle: MNT: LT: WRQ: HQT]


Masked Ball [Hero Through a Thousand Masquerades [Principle: HQT].]

clues…non-verbal…[Cooper:] “We were speaking philosophically.” [Principle: LT: HQT: MNT: Philosophy specifically addressed on television in the early nineties.]….[Betty: “The fact that you were in the woods is very significant.” [Principle: MNT: WTM: LT: WRQ: HQT]… [Cooper:] “Clearly a man of…[no small] spiritual advancement” [MNT: LT: HQT: Meditation and psychic theme training]…. “Been attempting to contact some [Element that lives] in the woods…[part of his Top-Secret Work.” [WRQ]…[Betty: “That’s classified.” [IM: Principle: As form of secrecy as well as organization of your mind, taxonomy of your ideas, and hierarchy of your realities [Principle: LT].]….[Cooper:] “He certainly has Renaissance passion for exploration.” [Principle: LT: AT: HQT: WRQ: Seek Further Inward and Outward!?]… “That is how he sees himself.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT: Vision as formation of character.]… “There’s no manual for [it].” [Principle: MNT: For Twin Peaks? For life? [GT: AT: LT: HQT].]…..collar buttoned to the top… “Keep our eyes peeled.” [IM: Principle: FM: Pinkerton National Detective Agency]

Harry watches…“There is a powerful force that exists in those woods.” [Principle: HQT: WRQ: What and where are your Powerful Woods’ Forces? [PWF].]….white ribbon…

“These are hard times, but we get through them.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

“No nonsense.” [IM: Principle: MNT: jocuserious: Some nonsense is good, eh? [DMT: Ying Debates Yang].]…[“These people make a living from digging through people’s underwear drawers.  We’ve all had our socks tossed around from time to time.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HGT]…“Couple words of advice.” [Principle: LT: HQT]… “Let a smile be your umbrella.” [Principle: HQT]…[Cooper:] “Time to face the music.” [IM: AT: HQT]…music compels…[Principle: AT: MNT]…

[Cooper: “I have no defense. I am complexly confident in the rightness of my actions]…I will pay the price for that.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

[Roger: “A man who doesn’t try: he may be packing feathers where his spine is supposed to be.” [Principle: AM].]…[Cooper:] “I know the moves I am supposed to make and I know the board.  I started to focus out beyond the edge of the board [at] a bigger game.” [CHM: Principle: GT: MNT: HGT: WRQ]

[Roger:] “What game?” [GT: WRQ: “The chess-board is the world; the pieces are the phenomena of the universe; the rules of the game are what we call the laws of Nature. The player on the other side is hidden from us. We know that his play is always fair, and patient. But also we know, to our cost, that he never overlooks a mistake, or makes the smallest allowance for ignorance.” –Thomas Henry Huxley (Transmitted to me by Robert Anton Wilson…)….[Cooper:] “A sound wind makes through the pines.” [WTM: WRQ]… “The [sentience] of animals.” [AM: LT: WRQ]… “What we fear in the dark and what lies beyond darkness.” [IM: HQT: WRQ]….[Roger: “What the hell are you talking about?” [LT: WRQ]….[Cooper: “I am talking about seeing beyond fear, about looking at the world with love.” [Principle: LT: HGT: Mystical Warrior [MW].]…: … “These are things I cannot control.” [Principle: LT: Serenity Prayer: Stoicism HQT]….firm Cooper…blinks twice… “Cracked a big case.” [IM: HQT]…. “Thanks for your candor.” [Principle: MNT: LT: Gratitude Theme]

“KO” and “BS” on post. [Principle: LT: HQT: Keep Out Bull Shit: RAW: Common Rider “Rough Redemption”: “Dismiss the Bullshit and Let the Energy Flow”] [DBLEF].]

….[James: “Mind if I] play the box first?” [Principle: LT: AT]

“My charge.”….. “From Helping Hand.” [IM: PTHM: Principle: HQT]

“The giant said a path is formed by laying one stone at a time.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

close Hawk…music… [“Cooper, you may be fearless in this world, but] there are other worlds.” [Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT]….dart board ….[Cooper: “Tell me more.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]…game [GT: MNT: Game Worlds]….[Hawk:] “My people believe…[the White Lodge is the] place where [the] spirits that rule man and nature reside.” [NAM: WRQ]….[Harry: “Local legend, goes way back.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]… [Hawk:] “There is also [a] legend of the Black Lodge…[the] shadow self on the White Lodge….[Legend says that every Spirit] must pass through on its way to perfection” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT: Jung’s Shadow… “[There] You will [meet] your own shadow self.” [Principle: shadow: MNT: WRQ: HQT]….“My people call it the dweller on the threshold.”… “If you confront the Black Lodge with imperfect courage, you will utterly annihilate your soul.” [Principle: WRQ: HQT: Initiation, Separation and Return [ISR].]

“I believe I am being set up.” [IM: GT: HQT]… “Never to judge too quickly.” [IM: Principle] “I want to tell you all about my new life.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT]

“That’s a good color for him.” [IM: Principle: MNT: AT]

curls…on bench contemplation curls [Principle: LT: HQT]

[Josie:] “The Truth.”…[“Hong Kong”…Thomas Eckhart…took me off the streets…I was lucky…taught me about life…about business…my father, my master…”… “The less you know, the better.” [IM: Principle: LT]….face of stone looking like Twin Peaks’ Easter Island totem [AT: WRQ: HQT]…pondering the distance… “Seattle”… “Rather die than go back to that monster.” [IM: Principle: WRQ: HQT]

“Better for you, buckaroo.” [IM: LT: HQT]… “You don’t let the ball and chain get in the way, do you?”… “Better hit the phone hotrod, we’re on a deadline.” [IM: Principle: PTHM: HQT].]

“The most unique and beautiful toys. [They have to be perfect.]” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]…sweater for James [“I guess I am not so interested about how my bike looks as I am in where it can take me.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]…[Mrs. Marsh:] “Where do you want to go?”…[James:] “It’s not really a place; it’s a feeling.” [Principle: HQT]

“A real business enhancer.” [Principle: GT: LT: HQT]

[Ben: “Think the furniture in this room is adequately arranged. I have been toying with the notion that if one could find the perfect arrangement of all objects in any particular space, it [could create a resonance, the benefits from which to the individual dwelling in that space could be extensive, could be] far reaching, far reaching.” [Principle: MNT: AT: LT: WRQ: HQT: Like a Tibetan singing bowl from Nepal: Twin Peaks: Feng Shui]

“Life is change.” [Principle: LT: HQT: First Noble Truth remixed to explain why life is suffering.]…“Don’t patronize me, you goon.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

[Earle on tape: “Your predilection for the tidy and fastidious.”…“Lead[s] us toward a classical confrontation.”[Principle: LT: AT: DMT: Sherlock and Moriarty]… “[But there’s doubt in your mind,] what are my true intentions?” [Principle: MNT: LT: WRQ: HQT]…[“How will you answer this time?] Hobgoblins…”]…a not so foolish consistency about consistency… “[Consistency, predictability, giving rise to patterns. We both only know too well how] these patterns leave you vulnerable to attack.” [Principle: MNT: GT: LT: HQT: “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds…”]… “You with your [wounds, I with mine. Let me paint you a picture…” [Principle: IM: AM: HQT]…. “Lanes of power and influence…[Pawns will naturally be forfeit” [Principle: GT: HQT].]

Wedding…mountain scene behind [HQT]…blue dress…. “You bet I do.” [IM: GT]…bow tie… “You’re damn right.”… “Gold digger.” [IM: HQT]…. “He’s got one foot in the grave already.” [IM: HQT: Leland jumping into the grave.]….first shot of church has woman stare at the camera and then at the altar…. “Publishing empire.”… “Take er easy.” [IM: Principle]… “Pretty peculiar isn’t it?” [IM: Principle: MNT: Twin Peaks, yes!?]

“That gets into a very delicate area [, but on the other hand,] I am trying to get more in touch with my feelings.” [IM: Principle: MNT: DMT: LT: HQT]…

…[Dwayne Milford: “Oughta] been the death [march]” [AT: HQT]…. Cooper: “You [just] have to hang on and hope the music takes you there.” [Principle: MNT: AT: HQT]

[Catherine:] “Let’s be practical.” [IM: Principle: MNT: LT: Echoes “simple” philosophy]


“Master the technology” [Principle: LT: PTHM: HQT]

…. “Admiration is for poets and derrieres.” [Principle: AT: LT]

tie… “Who’s up there in the penthouse [and why?]”…. “Opportunity knocks.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

stag there [AM]…front and back of scene… “Show me something I don’t already know.” [IM: Principle: LT: HGT]

Saturday Night Live [comedian]…. “Persistent random [misfortune].”…polka dots…SNL smelled-her-arm-pits woman… “mysterious circumstances” [DMT: WRQ: HQT]….[Signs: Principle: Crack the code inward and outward.: LT: HQT]

…[Harry: “Went out with his boots on.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

ring on finger….ring on his right pinky [PTHM]…[Mayor: “Never could say ‘No’ to a woman.] Ya old fool.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

[Hawk:] “The curse needs a cure. [I know a bit about these things.” [NAM: Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT].]… “Are you the sheriff?”… “When something really big goes down, I’m the man.” [IM: Principle: HQT]….Hawk falls through

….[Coach:] “What’s his name?”…[“That coach accepted that athlete’s desire to compete…Today, the story applies to this woman’s, young girl’s, right to compete.]…Moral and constitutional right.” [Principle: HQT]…

….[James: “It’s repairable.”…Malcolm: “That’s the nice thing about things.” [Principle: LT: PTHM: HQT]

“He gave her a whole new life, that’s for sure…gotta hope I don’t] sound ungrateful.” [Principle: LT: Mindfulness of Gratitude: HQT]

“You can jot that down and put it under your pillow.” [IM: Principle: LT: WRQ]

…[Real estate agent: “Well, it’s still standing. Almost by force of habit.”]….[Cooper:] “Well, habit can supply a strong foundation” [Principle: Discipline: Meditation: LT: HQT]

…[“That’s an old legend. Of all the people in the world, the best and the worst are drawn to a dead dog. Most turn away, only those with the purest of heart can feel its pain, and] somewhere in between the rest of us struggle.” [NAM: AM: Principle: WRQ: HQT]

“There has been a meeting here.” [Tracking: LT: The Tracker: Tom Brown Jr.: HQT]…[Real Estate Agent:] “What are you seeing?” [IM: Principle: MNT: LT: WRQ: HGT]

…[“Notice any] wildlife [in the area:] birds, owls?” [Principle: AM: LT: WRQ: HQT]….. “Any visual contact?”…[Harry:] “It would be a lot better if you just leveled with us.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]…[Cooper: “We know about the monitors and the messages from deep space you received] pertaining to me.” [WRQ]…[Riley: “You may know something, but you best get your facts straight.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

“Where they were sent to is another question.” [WRQ]…[Cooper: “Might it have something to do with the place called] The White Lodge?” [WRQ]…[Riley:] “That’s classified.”…[Harry:] “You need to give us a little more to go on here.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]…[Riley:] “He was born with hardware most of us only dream about.” [LT: WRQ: Principle of the Cyborg: Self-programing through applied principles: HQT]

“Mind your own business.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]… “There’s nothing to talk about.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]….James [“I know what it’s like to be alone.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT].]

[Bobby:] “He [just] made the smartest decision [that he’s made all] year.” [LT: HQT]…. [Maybe you’d like to help me celebrate.” [IM: Principle: AT: HQT].]

….[Catherine: “I intend to show you] all the respect and affection [that] you deserve.” [Principle: HQT]


“Per my instructions.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]…. “He anticipated my response to [his] opening move perfectly. [He’s toying with me.” [GT: IM: Principle: HQT].]….blinking…thinking…. [Principle: LT: HQT: Mind and Find.]…[“Meanwhile, I’ve spent the past two days without badge and gun, the best way I know how… occupying both body and spirit.” [Principle: L: HQT]

“In spite of my past.” [IM: HQT]…[“However, as is the case with Twin Peaks, even this bucolic] hideaway [is] filled with secrets.” [Principle: DMT: MNT: LT: WRQ: HQT]… “Deliberations will soon be complete[d…and if I am not adequately able to defend myself…” [Principle: HQT].]

…[Ed:] “You don’t want to hear my problems.” [IM: Principle: HQT]…[Norma:] “We used to talk about everything.”….[Ed:] “Just waiting around for our lives to begin.”… “All those plans just don’t mean a [damn] thing.” [IM: Principle]…hand in hand [PTHM: ZM]….broken…domino [GT]…sees…[Norma:] “We can make new plans.” [Principle: LT: AT: HQT]

“Love makes a guy do foolish things. [Illegal things sometimes.” [IM: Principle: HQT].]

…[Cooper: “We appreciate the trials you have been through. We sympathize with you…That is why we are here.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]

rising music with rising description of Major Briggs’ dreams [Bobby: “I was at the Double R a couple of weeks ago. Dad and I had this talk about this dream he had…there was a big house made of white marble, lots of lakes…Dad was there and I was there too living a life of deep harmony and joy and there was all this stuff about my future,] good stuff.” [WRQ: HQT: Principle]…[Mrs. Briggs:] “Your father is an extraordinary human being.”…[Bobby: “My father] is a deeply weird individual, [but he has a lot more going on in his head than most people. That’s for sure.” [Principle: LT: MNT: WRQ: What does enjoying this show make you?].]

cocktails… “Strong [one], if you don’t mind.” [FM: Principle]


[Play games to play the games you want to play. [GT: Principle].]

jungle….around…..three yellow linked triangles like nuclear symbol [LT: HQT]…[fire] filter on image panning to Briggs…[Hayward: “There are some new techniques that may help us break through your amnesia.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT].]…[Briggs: “My memories are immune from regression…Everything is known to me, and somehow beyond my reach.]…One disturbing image…a giant owl” [AM: WRQ]…Bohemian Grove….trimark on neck behind ear of Briggs [WRQ: Alien abduction mark]… … “Enough to cloud my mind.” [IM: Principle: HQT]… “Secrets.”… “Transcend the human need to conspire.” [Principle: LT: HQT]… “Is this meant for the soul, my soul?” [Principle: MNT: LT: HQT]…[Cooper:] “Perhaps you better start back at the beginning.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

[Andy:] “There was a cat in a tree.” [AM: HQT]…[Dick: “Fortunately for us, my efforts have bore more palatable fruit.” [Principle: LT: FM: HQT]

[Mrs. Marsh:] “You homesick, James?]…Tell me about Twin Peaks.” [MNT]…[James:] “I loved a girl who died.” [HQT]…grease on his face….design on her scarf….[“I thought I knew her. I guess nobody did]…My life used to make sense. [I didn’t like it all the time, but it was mine. I felt it belonged to me.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

[“Do I need a court order to get my point across?” [Principle: HQT]

[Cooper:] “Focus on the here and now.” [IM: Principle]… “Repeat your instructions to me step by step.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

[Cooper: “I hope I can live up to this.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT].]

[Dick: “Our investigation must continue sub rosa.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT].]

….[Norma:] “We have a lot to talk about.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]…Hank there… “Oh Ed, the things we do for love!” [Principle: HQT]…

Water fall mist and drumming….Bobby being initiated [HQT: MNT: Chess connection through King bestowing Knighthood and echoes of Book House Boys’ patch.]….sword pointed by Horne to his face [PTHM]….Horne up high [“Setting the stage.” [IM: Principle: GT: MNT: LT: HQT].]

[Catherine:] “I did not come here to gloat.” [IM: Principle]

….[James:] “I’ll take what we can get.” [IM: Principle: AT: Minor Threat]

pour to it [IM: Principle: FM]

[“Oh go on! You’re strong and you’re kind.”… “You have a wonderfully honest face, James.”…[James:] “I better be careful [about] what I’m thinking.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]…[Mrs. Marsh: “Don’t be too careful [on my account.”]

….[“I can think of a hundred reasons for you to stay.” [Principle: MNT: AT: LT: HQT.].]

“Before you came here, Twin peaks was a simple place.” [WRQ]…. “Quiet people led a quiet life.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“[The quiet people are quiet no more. The] simple dream become a nightmare.”… “Maybe you brought the nightmare with you.”… “Maybe the nightmare will die with you.” [DMT: MNT: WRQ: HQT]…[Mounty:] “I do know, we have a damn problem here.” [Principle: HQT]…

[Harry:] “Sometimes you got to improvise.” [Principle: GT: LT: HQT]


mountain peaks of forces within you as the land energizes reality [Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

shadows… “I can still feel his presence.” [Principle: DMT: WRQ: HQT]… “No mistakes, no slipups.” [Principle: Burroughs’ Discipline of DE [Do Easy].]…“Everything has its own rationale, precision, intelligence.” [Principle: LT: HQT]… “He has taken his first pawn in a very sick game.” [Principle: GT: WRQ: HQT]

[Audrey: “A business relationship is like a] sacred pact. [Equaled only by the closest of personal relationships where nothing is held back.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]….

double play of coffee [Principle: FM]…

[Evelyn:] “Plenty of things I can find for him to do.” [Principle: LT: GT: HQT]

we wonder [Principle: MNT: LT: AT: WRQ: HQT].…

[Norma:] “I think it’s time I start correcting a few of the mistakes I’ve made.” [Principle: LT: HQT]…[Ed:] “A cabin, a couple of venison steaks and a bottle of sparkling wine.” [Principle: FM: AT: HQT]….

[Harry:] “So how does chess figure into all of this?” [Cooper:] “He felt that all of life could be found in the patterns and conflicts on the board.” [Principle: GT: LT: HQT]… “Now it’s my turn. [I’ll publish my response in the Twin Peaks Gazette.” [GT: Principle: HQT].]

lean forward…don’t blink [IM: Principle: HQT]

“Mind is like a diamond.”… “Cold and hard and brilliant.” [Principle: LT: Meditation: HQT]

“Are you what he is running away from?” [WRQ]… “Why don’t you go home?” [IM: Principle: HQT]

“There is a great day upon us.”… “We will once again walk on our cherished fields.” [Principle: HQT]

….[“What he’s] doing is quite healthy.” [WRQ]… “He in turn will reverse his own emotional setback.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT]…. “We who fight shall be remembered for our bravery, for the battle scars we bear.” [Principle: HQT: Jung: “The wound is the gift.”]

“I hope you will all forgive me for my boorish behavior” [Principle: MNT: GT: LT: WRQ: HQT]…

[Catherine:] “As you can surmise.” [Principle: LT: Probability: HQT]

[Cooper:] “If you say drink coffee, I will drink coffee.” [Principle: FM]

“Through the back door where hope and promise never seen the light.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT]

huge grip [Principle: PTHM: HGT]

“Come sit, I will help you.” [Principle: LT: HQT]


Take me away to the mountains, another world, where falls fall mysteriously….rivers flow eternally…darkness follows the mind [Principle: MNT: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT]… … “He’s making his move, most definitely.” [IM: Principle: GT: HQT]

…[“You’re on the mend. I’ve] removed the proverbial thorn from the paw.” [AM: IM: Principle]

“In between, nothing but a world of hurt.” [IM: HQT]….[Norma:] “I tried not to think about it.…Tried to make the place work, because I had nothing else.” [Principle: HQT]

[Norma:] “It’s about the future [now]…and what we’re going to do about it.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

[Harry: “If you ever were going to tell the truth, now would be an ideal time.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT].]…[Cooper with especially quick delivery: “I think I’ll get another cup of joe.” [Principle: FM].]…

“There are some advantages to leaving him insane…One man’s crisis is another man’s opportunity.” [Principle: DMT: WRQ: HQT]

“Bring him back to the real world.” [IM: Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

[Donna:] “You don’t get it, do you?…I’m talking about our lives.” [IM: HQT]…[Evelyn:] “Life will be rosy if you can just get [out of] one silly jam, maybe, maybe not.” [Principle: HQT]…

“The big lug has his heart in the right place, if nothing else. [And I am not above feeling a little sympathy for the stalwart and the dull.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]….

[Cooper:] “I’m playing a chess match of considerable importance… [Suffice to say, I’d like to stalemate the game losing as few pieces as possible; none, if that can be arranged.”  [Principle: GT: LT: HQT]

…[Cooper:] “Great players are either far or few.” [Principle: GT: LT: HQT]

silver and phantasmagoria…[“It would be a shame if you left empty-handed.” [IM: PTHM: Principle: MNT: LT: AT: HQT].]….

…[Thomas:] “How can I place a value on something so precious?” [Principle: LT: Quantifying the Qualitative:  Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance taught us about Phaedrus and his contemplation of the conundrum of quality.: WRQ: HQT]

[Ben:] “Patriotic ventures of politicians…I have no love for war…[nor politicians.”] [Principle: HQT]…hat off…hat to heart… “They have my eternal respect and sympathy.” [Principle: LT: HQT]…

sword there like Excalibur [PTHM: HQT: King Arthur and his knights connect to chess to spiritual mystic warrior of Cooper, battling on all planes of the metaphysical and mythological.]… “May I add [that you have been] a valiant opponent of fine character.” [Principle: HQT: AT: Prince Valiant: What I added before this line made me laugh at “May I add.” You often add before you ask, as you should. [Principle: HQT].]….

“Work slowly and with care…everything must be written with a steady and uncompromising hand.” [PTHM: Principle: MNT: AT: LT: HQT]

his mask…[“Now listen carefully.] It’s your move.” [IM: Principle: MNT: DMT: GT: HQT]…black mask reversed [MNT: Slaves and Masters]


[Earle: “Listen carefully. It’s your move…] Put your heart into it, will you?” [IM: Principle: GT: HQT]…. “A [certain] tentative mind [as if your mind were occupied with other issues than the board before you. Such preoccupation not only weakens one’s resolve, but one’s foresight as well. A deadly failing in any match, you must agree, but in this particular contest quite disastrous, as we play for grave stakes, the likes of which you have no doubt surmised.” [Principle: CHM: MNT: LT: GT: WRQ: HQT].]

[“You two bring out the worst in each other.” [IM: Principle: DMT: LT: HQT].]

….[Andrew: “I had hope that] Time and Age would mellow [that Tempest raging inside you.” [IM: Principle: DMT: LT: HQT].]

Harry: “Save it…” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

hand up Cooper [PTHM]…. “I don’t take it personally.” [Principle: Shaman: Don Miquel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements: Second Agreement: “Don’t take anything personally.”: HQT]

“Your enthusiasm brings a [salty] tear to the eye.” [Principle: AT: DMT]

“Save the one you love.” [Principle: HQT]… “Gathering of Angels” [Principle: WRQ: HQT]

[Cooper:] “I want you to level with me.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

“I don’t know what kind of a place he [occupies] in your heart.” [IM: Principle: WRQ: HQT]

[Catherine:] “Just pray that he believes you.” [Principle: HQT]

[“You know, board meetings are usually nothing more than the gathering of self-minded individuals each more intent than the other on financial gain…Today is going to be something completely different.” [Principle: L: HQT].

“A pittance which he built into an empire…[I’ve asked him to return the favor and believe in him now.” [Principle: HQT].]

[Wheeler: “You’re testing my well-worn modesty.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“In spite of these reversals and [stripped with all the trappings of success, what are we left with? The] Human spirit.”…Bobby Briggs’ tie… “The greatest gift [that] one [human being] can give to another?”… “The Future.” [Principle: HQT]…

…[Ben: “Life as we know it.] I want Twin Peaks to remain unspoiled in an area of vast environmental carnage.” [Principle: DMT: AM: WTM: HQT]

[Jerry: “Until the wheel turns and we get another shot. That’s brilliant!” [Principle: MNT: GT: HQT]

…[Audrey:] “Then what?” [IM: Principle: WRQ]…[Horne: “I plan to fight this…on every ground and with every available weapon.” [Principle: PTHM: LT: HQT]

[Norma: “Sounds intriguing in a way, but it sounds dangerous.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]…

“We deserve to be happy.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“You have an incomplete education.” [Principle: MNT: LT: HQT]…[“For instance, survival in the wilderness is] a relevant issue in your life, my friend. [This comes under the heading of practical instruction. I hope you have been paying attention.” [Principle: LT: MNT: GT: HQT].]…. “Nature is cruel; this is also a lesson.” [Principle: AM: WTM: LT: DMT: HQT: Thomas Hobbes]

[“I don’t know why I am so self-destructive. But I can see] that’s my priority [in getting well. I don’t want to be like this anymore.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT]

“I didn’t come here to negotiate with you. [This is it. It’s over.” [Principle: HQT]

[Pete: “There are four or five ways of doing this thing.” [Principle: LT: GT: HQT].]

[Pete: “Guaranteed to cause some sleepless nights.” [MNT: GT:  AT: HQT].]…[Cooper:] “Has a perverse sense of honor.”…[Harry: “I never heard of a man who murders by the rules.” [Principle: WRQ: HQT].]

“To beginnings and endings and the wisdom to know the difference.” [FM: Toast: Principle: LT: Serenity Prayer reflection: HQT]

“Perfectly normal response.” [Principle: MNT: LT: HQT]

…“Every action has its consequence…Perhaps you were meant to be together all along. We won’t speak again.” [Principle: HQT]

…[Donna: “I wanted us to go someplace we have never been before.  Come on.” [IM: Principle: MNT: GT: LT: HQT].]

“I wouldn’t blame you if you hated me.” [Principle: MNT: “Don’t take it personally.”: HQT]

“But you’ll go away and come back with great stories.” [Principle: LT: AT: HQT]

…[Eckhart: “I don’t believe in ghosts.”]… [Andrew: “Pity it is an appealing notion; the return of the grizzly phantom from the grave.” [Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ].]

“Some advantage to be gained.” [Principle: GT: LT: HQT]… ]…[Andrew:] “She betrayed me.”…[Andrew:] “We’re all familiar with betrayal.” [Principle: Theme of Twin Peaks: MNT]…. “Love will break your heart.” [Principle: AT: LT: Neil Young’s “Only Love Can Break Your Heart”]… “Happily long ago I lost interest.”…. “Does these twisted things deliberately…..I come back with a warning.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]….[Eckhart: “I am always careful.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT].]

“I don’t have an opinion either way.”… “Managed to take care of ourselves just fine for more years than you can count, and desperate though we may seem, will probably continue to do so in the foreseeable future.” [Principle: LT: HQT]


slowing us down to dreamspace [Principle: MNT: LT: WRQ: HQT]…flowing into the mythos [MNT: Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]…shadows long from other side [Principle: WRQ]

“Earle’s chess game is the biggest concern” [GT: HQT]… “The man has a poor sense of recreation.” [Principle: GT: AT: LT: HQT]

[Annie:] “That’s not exactly a character reference.”… “Feels a little strange.” [Principle: MNT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

twirling flower [FLM: AT]…. yogic breathing [Principle: LT: HQT]… [“You can’t really appreciate how tonic] country life [is until you are actually right here living it.” [Principle: HQT].]

“Tacit agreement is acceptable, Leo.” [Principle: MNT: AT: LT: WRQ: HQT]…. “Your silence speaks volumes.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

“This isn’t a move.”… “This is a trick.”…. “He is playing a stalemate game.” [Principle: GT: LT: HQT]

[“Both] delightedly represent the sanctity of nature.” [AM: Principle: AT]

“How about a picnic?” [Principle: FM: HQT]

….[Dick: “Constitutes the] Supreme Incongruity.” [CTSI [Principle: MNT: AT: LT: DMT].]

….[Catherine:] “A country habit, we’re all so trusting.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

…[I guess you have reason to be bitter.” [Principle: DMT: HQT]:] …. [Catherine:] “Just call me a healthy skeptic.” [Principle: LT: Skeptic philosophy: HQT]

“Would you like to come in?”…vampire principle [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

[Earle:] “Found [himself] a little piece of heaven here.” [IM: Principle: DI: MNT: AT: HQT]

“Sit around and try to figure out how our lives would work out.” [Principle: LT: HQT]… “He has come [a little] closer to the mark than I have.” [IM: Principle: GT: LT: HQT]

….[“So it seems that absolutely] none of it applies to your life.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT]…[“You] enjoy it in all its absurdity.” [Principle: MNT: AT: HQT]

“Perpetual check[!]” on wall [Principle: GT: LT: HQT: OODA loop: Observe Orient Decide Act[3]]

“He doesn’t want pawns. He wants royalty.” [Principle: GT: HQT: Game as points.]….diamond on Lucy [“I guess some people don’t know quite as much as they think they do.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]

[Major Briggs:] “I’m connecting with something.” [Principle: MNT: AT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

“You must have been serenaded [at least] once or twice.” [Principle: AT: HQT]

…[Dr. Jacoby: “Do you know what…is suggesting?” [Principle: MNT: LT: WRQ: HQT].] …[Nadine:] “We’re not talking relativity here.” [Principle: MNT: LT: HQT]….

“There are no secret tricks or magick words.…. It’s like the dissolving of scar tissue around [a] wound.” [Principle: MNT: DMT: Nadine’s wounds and scars: She already has eye patch from Ed: LT: HQT]… “She’ll start [to see] reality again when her mind feels safe.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]…bracelet on left hand for Doc [PTHM]…[Nadine:] “No jealous rages.” [Principle: DMT: HQT]…

[“What would you do to] bring about world peace?….Make them form a circle and join hands, because you can’t make a fist joining hands.” [Principle: AT: PTHM: WRQ: HQT]

“Beauty…it’s an inner thing, you know? [IM: Principle: MNT:  AT: DMT: LT: HQT]…

[Annie:] “I made it a little strong.” [Principle: FM: HQT]

[MNT: She went to the light after the darkness.: Principle: WRQ: HGT]

“That’s good thing about the law. You can’t kill it.” [Principle: HQT]

…[Cooper:] “Might be a damn fine time to start.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“Your life is still your own.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

“There’s a whole lot I don’t understand.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]…Cooper: “We’re all like that.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

[Cooper:] “The man who doesn’t love easily, loves too much.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT]

“Very gratifying…[to see so many people sincere about their environment.” [Principle: DI: MNT: AM: WTM: AT: LT: HQT]….

“Animal reserves undisturbed for centuries.” [AM: HQT]… [“Little worlds that serve as] sanctums.” [Principle: MNT: WRQ: HGT: Sacred land mythology.:]

“Ecology is not a luxury science. [It is not about pleasant appearances]…. It is about survival….about whether we are all going to make it …..period.” [Principle: LT: AM: WTM: HQT].]…[“Not to understate the value of visual pleasure…” [Principle: MNT: AT].]…[“Graciously given of their time tonight.” [Principle: HQT].]

“Splendid gathering” [Principle: AT: HQT]

…[“Delightful mix of warm Northern comfort and]…Southern insouciance” [Principle: LT: AT]

“He’s out mastering [a] task or riding the breeze of a chance meeting.” [Principle: Flow Through Challenge [FTC]: LT: HQT]

“What do you expect to gain with all of this?” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

“[No matter how many deals I made or how much money I made, inside] I was still a black miserable clod of dirt.” [Principle: LT: DMT: HQT]…. “I am finding [that] the one thing that really affords you joy in life….. …the only authentic [thing] is giving. [Don’t wait till you are on your deathbed to find out.” [Principle: MNT: HQT]….[Catherine:] “You actually sound like you mean it.” [Principle]…

[Horne: “I do, for you, for me, the future…why don’t you take this opportunity to transcend a lifetime of megalomania and egocentricity and write us a big fat check and help us stop Ghostwood?” [Principle: WRQ: HQT].]

[“How’s everything going? That’s good. I have with me] a little fellow that doesn’t understand the peril that awaits him…[an innocent] in a world gone mad, [a world gone mad.]….I give you…” [Principle: AM: WRQ: HQT]…….

“Unfortunately this little fellow is incredibly curious, making him very easy for one to trap….attracted to bright shin[y] objects.” [Principle: GT: LT: AT: HQT]

kiss…..chaos surrounds [Principle: MNT: LT: GT: WRQ: HQT]….screaming…then to black…and then to…


Zane: [“You can just put it on the table.” [IM: PTHM: Principle].]

[Audrey:] “Your sleep was untroubled.” [Principle: MNT: LT: HQT]…“We aim to make your stay as comfortable and as enjoyable possible.” [Principle: AT: HQT]

[JJW: “Do you remember your grandfather…colorful man, one of the wisest men I have ever met. You know what he said: ‘If you want to bring a hammer, bring nails.’” [PTHM: Principle: LT: HQT].]

… “You have an undeniable magick about you that inspires a plan.” [Principle: MNT: AT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

description is the trick [Principle: MNT: LT: AT: GT: HQT]

[Cooper:] “Bicarbonate of Soda, the Ultimate Digestive Aid.” [FM: Principle: HQT]… “Quaff in Good Health.” [FM: Principle: HQT]

[GC:] “The word ‘linkage’ reminds me of sausage…[but breakfast is a really good idea.” [FM: Principle: HQT].]

“Brand new issue.”… “More accurate and efficient.” [PTHM: Principle: LT: HQT]

thumbs up together [PTHM: Principle: LT: HQT]

[Eileen: “You’ll only succeed in ripping apart] old wounds.” [IM: Principle: MNT: Previous episode’s title of “Wounds and Scars”]

[Horne: “I want my actions to speak for me.” [IM: Principle: HQT]…[Eileen: “Sometimes making up for things only makes it worse.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT].]

…[Eileen:] “You must stay away from me.”…[Horne:] “I understand…I hope you do” [Principle: MNT: LT: HQT]

“Engage you with an anecdote of no small amusement.” [Principle: MNT: LT:   AT: GT: HQT]

“Say something else.” [Principle: MNT: LT: AT: GT: HQT]

[Annie:] “Cup of deep black joe?” [FM: Principle]

“I’m fine…I’m weird…it feels odd being here…I’ve [been out of circulation so long that I have] completely forg[o]t[ten] my social niceties…you must think I am really strange.” [MNT: WRQ]…. Cooper: “If I thought you were strange, I would tell you.” [Principle: WRQ]…[Annie:] “Good choice, all the major food groups represented” [FM: Principle]

[James:] “Everything feels different when you’re on the move.” [Principle: Relativity: MNT: Comment by Nadine in previous episode: LT: HQT]… “San Francisco is really cool.” [Principle: LT: AT: HQT]…“I’ll be back with a million stories, I promise.” [Principle: LT: AT: HQT]…

[Doc:] “One of those heal the pl[anet] things.” [Principle: AM: WTM: HQT]

“One should never allow one’s mind and one’s foot to wander at the same time.” [Principle: LT: HQT]…“What brings you to [the library?” [LT: HQT].]… [Audrey:] “Civil disobedience.” [LT: Thoreau: HQT]….[Earle: “Good for you. It is incumbent on the young to disobey” [Principle: LT: HQT]…

“What is all this sweet work worth?’ [Principle: MNT AT: LT: HQT]

…[Annie:] “I think the [real] world is strange enough.” [Principle: MNT: AT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

“Keeping the peace is part of my job.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

[Lucy: “I know that you will be strong. I know that you will be brave.] I want you to promise me that you will be careful.” [Principle: HQT]

… “It’s the unvarnished truth that I am looking for.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“I’ve changed…and I am determined to be a better person. [“The kind of father you will respect someday.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT]

“I am filled to the brim….with the feeling of bliss [like a Christmas Tree all lit up inside.” [Principle: LT: HQT: “Follow Your Bliss.” Joseph Campbell].]…

[JJW:] “Keep your eye on your heart and always tell the truth.” [HQT]….[Horne:] “Always tell the hardest truth first….this truth business is [clearly] at the forefront [of goodness…that’s a hard truth.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]…carrot out for John… “What a wonderful world we live in.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

“Two symbols combined into a larger whole, [but for what purpose?” [Principle: AT: LT WRQ].]

pick with your pick [Principle: PTHM: LT: HQT]

…[Cooper:] “Fellows, coincidence and fate figure largely in our lives.” [Principle: Jung’s Synchronicity: Cave drawings take this tale into walls of therianthropes and the hand prints of the oldest cave paintings: LT: WRQ: HQT]

“I have no idea where this will lead us, but I have a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.” [Principle: LT: MNT: DMT: WRQ: HQT]

Cooper… “How I got there is a rather complicated story.” [IM: Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

….[Annie:] “See the thing is, I’ve failed before…I’m just afraid it may happen again.” [LT: HQT]…[Cooper:] “Want to talk about it?” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

“I’m stubborn, extremely willful”… “I can handle that”… “Some people think I’m strange.” [MNT: WRQ]…[Cooper:] “I know the feeling.”…[Annie:] “I couldn’t always promise you that I would always make sense or do things you expect.” [Principle: MNT: LT: AT: GT: WRQ: HQT]…. “I don’t expect anything.” [Principle: HQT]… “I accept your kind and generous offer.” [Principle: Gratitude: HQT]


angles of rain down left….left path…frost….two paths…two peaks [Principle: DMT: WRQ: HQT]….

“Hey, man!?”…. “You promised me beer.” [Principle: FM: HQT]

…“If I had a key, it would be open.” [Principle: LT: GT: HQT]….[Pete:] “It doesn’t even have a key hole…A puzzle box.” [Principle: MNT: LT: HQT]…

“Fit the pieces together just so.” [Principle: MNT: GT: LT: AT: HQT]

“Beautiful people get everything they want.” [Principle: AT: GT: LT: HQT]

“Check it out.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT] …[“Think about it: when is the last time you saw a beautiful blond go to the electric chair?…I think we should take advantage of this beautiful people’s conspiracy. [Principle: AT: LT: HQT].]…

“Accompany me on a nature study…How wonderful!” [Principle: FLM: WTM: AM: MNT: LT: HQT]

….[Cooper:] “I need to see this poem immediately.” [Principle: MNT: AT: LT: HQT]…

“I hope it is nothing more than a taunt.” [Principle: DMT: LT: GT: HQT]

[Harry Truman:] “What’s going on?” [IM]…[Cooper:] “Putting the pieces together.” [IM: Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]….

[Cooper: “Currently involved in several disparate investigations.” [Principle: DMT: LT: MNT].]…

[“Now it seems logic would dictate that these investigations be considered] separate entities. [However, I believe otherwise.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]…[“These mysteries are not separate entities, but are in fact, complementary verses of the same song. I cannot hear it yet, but I can feel it, and that is enough for me to proceed.” [Principle: AT: LT: WRQ: “Proceed” repeated as mantra.: HQT].

[Major Briggs:] “There are certain moral judgements I must consider.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“I’ve dreamed it or seen it, somewhere, somehow.” [Principle: LT: WRQ]

journey inward [Principle: MNT: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

[Cooper: “Basic style will remain the same.” [Principle: AT: LT].]

[Dick:] “I will alert my attorney.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

[Horne to himself] repeated [and reflected:] “Sometimes the urge to do bad is nearly overpowering.” [Principle: DMT: HQT: Initiations of Conscience over Shadow]…back to the carrot [Principle: FM: HQT]

back to the carrot [Principle: FM: HQT]…affirms his Will [Principle: LT: AT: HQT]…

beer [Earle: “Drink up, my friend, we celebrate!” [Principle: FM: AT: HQT].]…

… “I do not appreciate practical jokes.” [Principle: LT: GT: HQT]

….[Ben:] “A celebration of the totality of a woman’s qualities.” [Principle: DMT: LT: AT: HQT]…. “Beauty has taken on a broader definition to include mind, body, spirit, [values] and ideas.” [Principle: AT: LT: HQT]

[Dwayne:] “What’s he selling?  [What are you selling?” [MNT: HQT]….yeah, David Lynch?…[“Let me get right to the point.] An event in search of a theme. [The topic of this year’s speeches should be how do I save our forests? It’s now, it’s relevant, it’s global and it’s…well to put it plainly, gentleman, it’s us…” [“Now” repeated of Earle: Principle: AT: LT: MNT: WTM: HQT].]

“Pete, I resent your implication.  The environmental issues dwarf any] parochial business concerns you or anyone else may be pursuing.” [Principle: WTM: AM: FLM:   HQT]…right in his face…[Doc Hayward:] “We’ll take it under advisement.” [Principle: LT: HQT]….[Ben:] “That’s the most I could hope for.” [Principle: Gratitude]…[Pete: “He thinks he can pull a fast one.” [IM: Principle: DMT: PTHM: LT: HQT].]…

“The idea has merit.” [Principle: LT: HQT: Sure does, right?]

….[Bobby: “Does] anybody smell fixed here?” [IM: Principle: DMT: WRQ: HQT]

“I will strive to be understanding.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

[Catherine: “I have been asking myself lot of the same things.” [IM: Principle: LT: WRQ: HGT].]…[HT:] “I need to understand” [Principle: LT: HQT]

[Catherine: “Well. I think early in her life she must have learned the lesson that she could survive by being what other people wanted to see, by showing them that. What was left of her private self she may have not shown to anybody.” [Principle: GT: DMT: WRQ: HQT].]…[HT:] “The stories…The lies”….[Catherine: “Who knows, they may not have seen untrue to her. What she needed to believe was always shifting to suit the moment. In spite of all the things she tried to do to me and my family, I find it] curiously hard to hate her for it.” [Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT].]….

…slats create angled shadows [Catherine: “There may be a clue that could benefit both of us.” [Principle: LT: HQT].] shimmering on water…
“I always felt closer to nature than I did to people.” [Principle: AM: WTM: FLM: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

“There are some pretty strange neighbors.” [Principle: MNT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

“Mind if we don’t talk about it?” [IM: Principle: MNT: WRQ: About the “Variations on Relations”? [LT: AT: WRQ: HQT].]

“Hiding from your fear doesn’t make your fear go away.”…Cooper: “It makes it stronger.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT: Blake’s “Poison Tree” or Nietzsche’s Abyss?]

“I know how hopeless things can seem.”…  “I know about the dark tunnel you can fall into…Something similar happened to me. Made me want to disappear from the world.  Cause of that maybe I can help.” [Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

[Annie:] “I am trying to learn how to trust my instincts.” [Principle: LT: DMT: WRQ: Daniel Kahneman’s System Type 1] ….

[“Welcome to our oenophiliac soiree…There are some schools of thought that say, “There are no other wines but reds.’” [Principle: FM: LT: AT].]

“That’s what we are here for, to learn.” [Principle: LT: HQT]……. “We must first examine.” [Principle: LT: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”]

standing between two pillars [Principle: DMT: AT: LT: HQT]

“Join us for pie.” [Principle: FM]….

“Shelley, you are a miracle worker.” [Helen Keller, The Miracle Worker] ….. “A goddess sent from heaven.” [AT: WRQ: HQT]…. “You just don’t know your own value.” [Principle: LT: HQT]… “She is a rare and precious individual.” [Principle: WRQ: HQT]…..[“Meeting you has been more than a privilege, it’s] touched my heart.” [Principle: LT: AT: HGT]

Dick [“What flavors are we enjoying?” [Principle: FM: LT: AT].]

[Dick: “A really good wine is] like a symphony” [Principle: FM: DMT: AT: LT]

…[Cooper:] “The Hindus say, ‘Love is a ladder to heaven.’” [Principle: PTHM: LT: HQT]

[Cooper: “Self-discipline.”… “Earthly love.” [Principle: LT: AT: HQT]….

…. “You on the critical list too?” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

……[Doc Hayward:] “Fine tradition.”…[Donna:] “Study overseas.” [LT: HQT: Travel beyond through art and exploration: Principle: LT: AT: HQT]


The Path to the Black Lodge [Way of Dark Weird [WODW [DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT].].]

Get to the Black Lodge over the falls and down the river [Principle: LT: DMT: WRQ: HQT]…

“Brew….we like some” [Principle: FM: AT]

….[“He’s taken another pawn…but he didn’t tell us his move. Windom Earle is] playing off the board.” [Principle: CBM: GT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

[“He looks really sad, so Hawk is feeding him breakfast.” [Principle: FM: NAM: HQT].]….

“What do you know about saving our planet?” [Principle: AM: WTM: FLM: LT: HQT: Ecological theme].]… “I know it is in a lot of trouble.” [Principle: AM: WTM: FLM: LT: HQT]…

… “I am taking fate into my hands. [Because the suspense is too much for me.” [Principle: PTHM: LT: WRQ: HQT].]

“We could also use a father.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]… “It is a great concept, but I have no idea how to go about it.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]…[Andy:] “Pearl Lake.” [AT: HQT]… “Styrofoam never dies for as long as you live.” [Principle: AM: FLM: WTM: HQT]…

Falls pan up to…Great Northern…people walking near edge [Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

[Doc Hayward: “It’s what’s in your heart that you should be worried about.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT].]…[Ben:] “I know I have given you reason to doubt me, but I am only interested in doing the right thing [for everyone.” [Principle: DMT: WRQ: Secrets contradict: HQT].]…. “Not as long as the lie survives.” [Principle: LT: HQT]….[Doc:] “Damnit Ben, it’s not that simple.”… “[I believe you.] I applaud your desire to do the right thing, [but] goodness in you is like a time bomb.” [Principle: AT: Rancid from …And Out Come the Wolves: DMT: WRQ: HQT]… “There’s nothing good [about] ruined lives.” [Principle: HQT]… “It is a confusing and difficult process, but I must continue.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]…knock….s….Jack…leather coat…diamond sweater [AT: GT]… tie….red books and blue book [DMT: LT]…[Doc: “Nice to see you again.” [Principle: IM: AT: HQT].]… “Be careful, please.” [Principle: LT: HQT]…silver symbols on tie [AT]… “Gassing up the jet as we speak.” [HQT]….weasel in between [AM: DMT: MNT]…. “Wherever it is you are in such a hurry to get to?” [Principle: WRQ: HQT]…to…

[Wheeler:] “A brave man is dead. He’s my friend; I have to take his place.” [Principle: LT: HQT]…[Ben:] “You aren’t coming back, are you?….Strive for goodness. [Tell the hardest truth first.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]….[BZ:] “Just do the best you can; that’s all you really can do.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]…

[Major:] “Harvest schedules or ancient calendars.” [LT: HQT: WRQ]… “Look for any curious nomenclature.” [Principle: LT: MNT: WRQ: HQT]

[Cooper:] “What [have you] you glean[ed?” [Principle: MNT: LT: AT: WRQ: HQT].]

“I had assumed he had come for vengeance [but I miscalculated. He’s insinuated himself into the lives of people I care for. He has murdered innocents. He has] engaged us in subterfuge and red herring.” [Principle: DMT: GT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

……[Major: “I could use a good stretch. Perhaps a walk in the woods to clear my mind.” [Principle: LT: WTM: AM: FLM: HQT].]…[Harry:] “Don’t forget the breadcrumbs.” [IM: Principle: FM: LT: AT: HQT: Fairytale allusion: “Hansel and Gretel”]

“Peewits loaded with optimism.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

[“Reunion. Wine, cheese, talk about old times,] trade hilarious anecdotes of the good old days.” [Principle: FM: AT: LT: HQT].]…[“I wonder what amongst my detritus I can use to spice up…life.” [IM: FM: Principle: PTHM: LT: HQT]

[Bobby:] “It’s time to stand up and fight for our environment.” [Principle: AM: WTM: FLM: LT: HQT]

….[“I know I have not been paying the right kind of attention to you lately.  I got busy…I started wearing suits, ok, and suddenly I am walking around like I am more important than everybody else.]…My brain rolled over and I could see all the stuff that was special to me….The stuff that matters.” [Principle: DMT: LT: Epiphany: WRQ: HQT: visualization of meditation and a striking moment.]

…. “Bound to fall for your charms.” [IM: Principle: MNT: GT: LT: WRQ: HQT: Fairytale with enchanted and enchanting woods and people…Bob…aliens…]

[Lana:] “Then and only then.” [IM: Principle: HQT]

…[Cooper:] “Each in a curious manner.” [Principle: MNT: AT: LT: GT: WRQ: HQT]

“Nobody showed up.”…Polyphemus [The Odyssey, and earlier Harry Truman was Leopold Bloom: you are on a quest for the sublime within the strange and mundane. [Principle: MNT: AT: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT:]… “Somebody who struck you as peculiar, personable, or just plain puzzling?” [MNT: Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: Twin Peaks]

“We’re all Love’s Fools, [more or less, but you will] learn [as I have] the value of hate.” [Principle: DMT: AT: LT: HQT]

[Ben:] “Someone with a highly visible profile to be able to inspire our community to action.” [Principle: GT: AT:  LT: HQT]

[“Use your public platform as a forum for environmental debate.] Only you can take our message to the people.” [Principle: FLM: AM: WTM: MNT: LT: HQT]….

[Cooper:] “Well, the symbols suggest the time.”… “First I thought it was a signpost, perhaps it’s an invitation.”…. “Perhaps both.” [Principle: DMT: AT: LT: WRQ: HQT: Twin Peaks’ Duality— Paths to the White and Black Lodges.]

[Harry:] “Bless your heart, I’ve never known your mind to wander.” [IM: Principle: DMT: LT: HQT]…[Cooper: “I proceed as usual, my mind clear and focused, and suddenly out of nowhere, I see her face and hear her voice. Naturally I try to reorient myself and come back to the task at hand, but the image remains.” [Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT].]

…..[“There’s a whole world out there. Jump in.] Hear the other side, see the other side.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT: Identified as “St. Augustine” by Annie]

….[Cooper: “There are those who believe in a scientific basis for attraction…hard to comprehend without perspective.”  [Principle: LT: HQT].]

[Cooper: “We think too much.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]… [Annie: “What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our nature of questioning.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT: Identified by Cooper as “Heisenberg.”]

….[Major:] “I am not at liberty to divulge that information.” [IM: Principle: LT: DMT: HQT]

“I admire your fortitude.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“We may continue this game indefinitely.” [Principle: GT: MNT: LT: WRQ: HQT: Do we agree!?]

“What do you fear most in the world?” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT: Nightmare Territory of Tragedy [NTOT].]….[Major:] “The possibility that love is not enough.” [Principle: LT: HQT: WRQ: I wrote something exactly similar today.]

“Still I recognize the signs.” [Principle: MNT: LT: AT: HQT: Do we? Semiotics]

…[Earle: “What do the signs mean? [Principle: LT: AT: WRQ: HQT].]….

“I was hoping for a lengthy conversation.” [Principle: MNT: LT: HQT: Sometimes we are.]…. “I am afraid his mind has begun to wander.” [IM: Principle: WRQ: HQT: We wander through Twin Peaks and wonder [LT: MNT].]

[Andrew: “Last bequest.  A clever joke perhaps, or something of value.” [Principle: GT: AT: LT: HGT].]

[“Tell me something good.” [IM: Principle: AT: LT: HQT].]…

“He was and is his own worst enemy.” [IM: Principle: DMT:LT:  HQT]

[Annie:] “I’m not completely prepared for this” [Principle: (Anti-)Boy Scout Motto Remix: MNT: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT: “The Path to the Black Lodge.”]… “Just think of it as a walking embrace.” …. “Two people stepping as one would step.” [Principle: Dancing: AT: LT]… “20th Anniversary” sign [MNT: 25th Anniversary!]

[Cooper:] “For instance?” [IM: Principle: LT: HGT]

[“Welcome to this final night of festivities!” [Principle: AT: GT: MNT]

“Damnation, is this damned thing on?” [Principle: PTHM: DMT: MNT: WRQ: “The Path to the Black Lodge”]

“I feel safe and eager.” [Principle: What a great mantra! [LT: HQT].]… “I’m not afraid of anything you make me feel or want.” [Principle: HQT]

[Cooper:] “I’m beginning to tire of his interruptions.” [Principle: MNT: HQT]

“I’ve been gipped.” [IM: Principle: GT: AT: LT: HQT]

“There are many cures for a broken heart, but nothing like a trout’s meat in the moonlight.” [Principle: FM: AM: HQT: Moon analogy like coffee one of Cooper]

“A plot that tells the time, and the time, time draws nearer with each ticking tock…the cave painting is an invitation of sorts, telling us when the revels begin.” [Principle: MNT: AT: GT: LT: WRQ: HQT].]


[Mist Teaches Principles [MTP [Principle: DMT: LT: GT: AT: HQT].].]

“Bag of Tricks…I have a new game for you.” [Principle: PTHM: GT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

[FM: Norma: “Here’s our contribution.” [Principle: MNT: LT: HQT].]

……[Heather Graham:] “Dream on.” [IM: Principle: AT: WRQ: MNT]

…[Norma:] “Be a good day for healing.”…[Shelly:] “I think we need more than a day.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]…

[Annie:] “Maybe you could split your vote.” [Principle: DMT: HQT: Glory Days!]

“What’s with all the books?” [Principle: MNT: LT: WRQ: HQT]….. “The Koran, Bhagavad Gita, [The Talmud], the Bible, [all the Old Testaments, the Tao Te Ching.]…I hold in my hands…[those Holy Books which constitute the fundamental [framework of humanity’s philosophy of good. Somewhere in here are the answers I seek, and I intend to read them from cover to cover.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]

three books in each hand [LT: 3+3]…. “The time that you had was highly concentrated.” [Principle: LT: AT: HQT]….[Audrey: “It’s the concentrate they make concentrate from.” [Principle: LT: AT: WRQ: HQT]

[Horne:] “If he said that he would be back, he would be back I promise you.” [Principle: HQT]…

[Ben:] “Update away.” [Principle: LT: HQT]…

[Ben:] “Ultimate local forum.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

…..[“This year’s theme concerns our immediate environment and what we must do to preserve it…Make the speech…Take us to a better day.” [Principle: LT: AM: FLM: WTM: AT: HQT]

…[Cooper:] “This chess game may involve more pieces than we [can begin to] imagine.” [Principle: GT: LT: AT: WRQ: HQT]…. “Mysterious circumstances…[to consider.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT].]….. “I had to take into account your mental state.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

…..“There’s a source of great power there…far beyond our ability to comprehend.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]…

[Earle: “Eureka!…It’s fear…that’s the key.” [IM: Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT].]

[“Perfect symbiosis. Oh Nature, perfect in design and aspect, you do not disappoint.” [Principle: AT: LT: AM: WTM: WRQ: HQT]

[“Look lively]…Victory is at hand.” [IM: Principle: PTHM: HQT]….

“[Forgive my] hasty departure, [dear one.” [IM: Principle: HQT].]

“We must share a final sentiment.” [Principle: MNT: LT: AT: HQT]

[“During our time together in this verdant bour, I must confess, I’ve developed something of a fondness for you.  Sounding board, companion, ever obedient and faithful….” [Principle: LT: WTM: HQT].]…..

and bend and wonder [Principle: LT: HQT]

our attention was drawn there for a reason [Principle: MNT: LT: GT: AT: HQT: MNT]

[Dance choreographer: “Let the mood carry you.] Don’t be afraid of your vulnerability.” [Principle: LT: DMT: AT: WRQ: HQT]…. “A dance of nature my friend; [it’s] a celebration.” [Principle: WTM: AM: FLM: AT: LT: HQT ]…. “[Bend forward like] a sapling in the wind.” [Principle: WTM: LT: HQT]… “What are we exactly celebrating?” [Principle: MNT: LT: AT: WRQ: HQT]

[Judge:] “Beauty and power.” [Principle: AT: LT: HQT] …..[Dick:] “Poise and, God help us, sophistication,[and breeding” [Principle: AT: LT: HQT].]….[Norma:] “I think a major factor should be] originality.” [Principle: AT: LT: HQT]…meta conversation with us [Principle: LT: AT: MNT]

“I have just [concluded my second meditation of the day in lieu of sleep, and I feel completely refreshed and struck again by the realization that all of us on this Great, Big Planet Earth live at only a fraction of our potential.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HGT].]

[“At this particular juncture, I would like to make specific mention of…” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT: Points promote peak powers. [PPPP].]

“A completely original human being.” [Principle: MNT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

“Solitude” Point….[SP [Principle: LT: HQT: “To realize how gray my life has been…how cold, solitary. There is something to be said for solitude.” [Principle: DMT: LT: HQT].].]

“What can you do to save our local forest? Make sure your campfire’s out, kinda like my brain.” [Principle: MNT: FRT: LT: WTM: AM: HQT: Yeah!?]

Dale Cooper: “Our forests need saving because of the way people regard them.” [Principle: WTM: AM: FLM: LT: HQT]

[DC: “Your forest is beautiful and peaceful.” [Principle: AM: FLM: WTM: AT: HQT].]

[“Part of it’s been damaged. I have tried to replant, but nothing’s takin root. Every forest has its shadow.” [Principle: WTM: AM: FLM: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT].]

“Superior upper body strength and quads like bridge supports.” [Principle: PTHM: LT: HQT]

“Show business natural.”… “Because I am so happy.” [Principle: MNT: AT: LT: HQT]

“Which way is the castle?” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT: Knights of the Round Table in search of the Antithesis Holy Grail in the form of the Black Lodge]

….[Cooper: “Let’s leave him here with us; maybe something will bubble up.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT].]

“If the door…does exist, it probably exists at a point in time. [Now an object, such as a door, normally exists at a point in time and space. By way of contrast a shooting star normally exists at a point in time over a continuum of space. But taken from the star’s point of view, it’s a completely different experience….If we’re not at the right place at the exact time, we will not find our way in.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]

“Let’s channel some of that high wit into the job.” [Principle: LT: AT: MNT: HQT: Will do!]

…[Catherine:] “Where there’s a key, there’s a lock.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

“I rather talk about the truth right now.” [Principle: LT: HQT]

[Mrs. Hayward:] “I understand your feeling.…. There are some things you [just have to] trust.” [Principle: LT: WRQ: HQT]…“Tell me what I need to know.” [IM: Principle: LT: HQT]

[“Protect the Queen.” [Principle: GT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

…[Cooper: “If it’s telling us when, it must also tell us where.” [Principle: LT: GT: WRQ: HQT]…[Major Briggs]: “Fear and love open the doors.” [Principle: LT: DMT: MNT: A Duality of Twin Peaks: WRQ: HQT]… [Cooper:] “Two doors…two lodges….fear opens one, the black, and love the other….it just came to me.” [Principle: AT: LT: DMT: WRQ: HQT]

bonsai tree knocked over [PTHM: GT: LT: WTM: HQT]…what is bad is good [SHM: DMT: Hamlet: “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”]…accidents create treasures [Principle: LT: AT: WRQ: HQT].….

“Now commencing our talent section of the show.” [Principle: GT: MNT: AT: LT: HQT]

[Cooper:] “It is essential…I want the works.” [IM: Principle: AT: FM: LT: HQT]

…[“There is only one way to save a forest, an idea, or anything of value, and that is by refusing to stand by and watch it die.] There is a law of nature [which is more fundamental to life than the laws of man. And when something you care about is in danger you must fight to save it or lose it forever. Thank you.” [Principle:  WTM: AM: FLM: AT: LT: HQT]…

“I think the wisest course would be first of all to get together and talk about this…[I really don’t think] this is the time…this is the place…I want to tell the truth. I want to do the right thing.” [Principle: LT: HQT]….

… “What the hell is going on here? [Why won’t anyone tell me the truth?” [Principle: LT: WRQ: MNT: HQT].]

“To illustrate my point, I would like to quote these words of] Chief Seattle, [leader of the Suquamish tribe. Your dead are soon forgotten and never return. Our dead never forget the beautiful world that gave them being.  They still love its verdant valleys, its murmuring rivers, its majestic mountains.  When the last red man has vanished from this earth, these forests and shores will still hold their spirits. For the Indians love the earth as a newborn loves his mother’s heartbeat. Why have we all lost touch with this beauty? Maybe saving a forest starts with preserving some of the feelings that die inside us every day, those parts of ourselves that we deny. For if we cannot respect the interior land, and then neither can we respect the land we walk. So let us in walking gently upon the earth leave a simple legacy. That we’re] new warriors, mystics warriors, [who love the earth and try to save it. ” [Principle: NAM: AM: WTM: FLM: LT: DMT: WRQ: HQT].]

[Dick: “A sound choice. Heartiest congratulations!” [Principle: LT: HQT]…[Lucy: “Don’t sound so disappointed.” [IM: Principle: DMT: LT: HQT]…

…[Dick: “Inherent in her message were words that even the most craven of us could ill-afford to ignore.” [Principle: LT: HQT].]

[“You’re needed outside.” [IM: Principle: WRQ: HGT].].…

[Andy:] “It’s not a puzzle at all…it’s a map….” [Principle: AT: GT: LT: WRQ: HQT]…



Bird, on a branch, is named [AM: MNT]….name all that is worthwhile [Principle: AT:AM: FLM: WTM: LT: HQT]…

hoping for a rainbow [Principle: AT: WTM: HQT]

angular orientation [Principle: MNT: AT: LT: HQT]

“Fire walk with me.” [Principle: FRT: Personalize the phrase to make a mantra to meditate on your inner and outer energies. If “fire” walks with you, it empowers you. Hike over your own Twin Peaks with your Guardians. [AM: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT].]

cat to right of Doc Hayward [AM: AT: MNT: Principle:  Heaviness abounds. Use writing to lighten and control reality. [LT: AT: WRQ: HQT].]

“Who are my parents anyway!?” [LT: WRQ: HQT]…[Ben: “I] only wanted to do good, be good…it feels so good to tell the truth.” [Principle: LT: AT: Mark Twain: “If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”]….

….[Andy:] “Do you want a thermos of coffee?” [Principle: FM: PTHM: HQT]….hands together for Andy [PTHM]… “Do you want a plate special?” …[HS:] “Yeah…do you want dessert? [FM]…audience? [MNT]…HS’ hand [on] mouth [PTHM: HQT]…. “Yeah.”… “Do you want pie….?” [FM]

[Audrey: “Civil Disobedience.” [LT: HQT]…Andrew laughs….quote from Andrew: [“‘Waste no time arguing what a man should be.  Be one.’ Marcus Aurelius…I admire your verve.” [Principle: LT: AT: HQT]

he [Dell] looks at key with magnifying glass [Principle: PTHM: LT: HQT]

[Bobby:] “I thought you Germans were always on time.” [Principle: LT: HQT]…

“Excuse us…for the intrusion.” …[“Sarah] had a message for you that she [thought] was important.” [IM: LT: HQT]….intuition…valued [Principle: MNT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

…[The Midget:] “When you see me again, it won’t be me.” [Principle: DMT: LT: WRQ: HQT: Heraclitus]

[The] Midget stands up and hits his foot on the ground and says, “This is the waiting room.” [CBM: LT: AT: GT: WRQ: HQT]…he is happy… “Would you like some coffee?” [Principle: FM]…he licks his lips… “Some of your friends are here.” [LT: WRQ: HQT]

“Fire Walk With Me” [Principle: FRT: LT: WRQ: HQT]

Hallway with it flashing over it…we have POV towards another curtain…shadow behind [Principle: LT: DMT: WRQ: HQT]

“I need to brush my teeth.” [IM: PTHM: Principle: LT: HQT]…

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