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Hiking Twin Peaks: An Experimental!? Guide: The Appendix: Weird Real(m) Quest(ion)s: (WRQ) Introduction & Season 1

The assembled WRQ below are in chronological order for each episode with contextual information. Italics indicate writing specifically for WRQ Appendix that was not part of the originally published main text and WRQ analysis. In 2021, I will publish the entire Hiking Twin Peaks: An Experimental Guide!? as an EE!?-Book with expanded introductions for the main work itself as well as the Principles and WRQ.

If Wisdom [Truth + Goodness] works universally, then there is a lot of Work to do to understand Weird Real(m) Quest(ion)s. Let me break down the reading:

1: Weird Realm Quests
2: Weird Realm Questions
3: Weird Real Quests
4: Weird Real Questions

How much is it worth to possibly understand these areas and experiences? Whether it is the fascination we have about the phenomena, or our fascination about the individuals who experience that phenomena, it is fascinating, and that weirdness connects to the origin of “weird” as “Fate”; that order beyond our understanding that is locked and occasionally opens doors of illumination at mystical moments or continually brightly shines in strange minds such as our beloved hero, Agent Cooper. May these quest(ion)s enlighten the dynamic between the Twin Peaks of your Weird and your Mundane, your Light and your Dark, your Life and your Death, and all other dueling dualities that float inside and outside your Totality Reality. Hiking Twin Peaks is an “Experimental!? Guide” after all. Considering that your life is an experiment and not all experiments are worthwhile, Twin Peaks’ Weird Real(m) Quest(ion)s may yield results not as directly productive as the Principles. However, they may be more energizing for the Edge of Weird keeps your primal liminal uncertainty pulsing with curious power. If you want to apply one or the other, focus on the Principles. These tales, terrors, topics, and teachings are at least good stories and at most…

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